Simple lifestyle habits

All individuals desire a slim and fit body. It is not very hard but some just cannot manage to come into shape. Here are some simple lifestyle habits that Brisbane dietitian, Leanne Ward shares in her Instagram to get the desired goals.

Leanne ward and her Instagram post

Remaining healthy should be the goal of everyone. But not everyone is able to achieve it. But certain simple lifestyle habits can go a long way in giving you a fit, strong and slim body. Dietitian from Brisbane, Leanne Ward shared these tips with her Instagram followers. She promised them that adhering to these simple life rules can transform them in a few months. She added:

You can thank me in August,’

Simple lifestyle habits
Leanne Ward (Source: Daily Mail UK)

The 8 simple lifestyle habits

1. Spend time every day managing your emotions.

Proper management of emotions is vital for a healthy body and mind. Whether you do it on getting up in the morning or before retiring at night time, one should prevent emotions getting put of control.

2. Eat five servings of vegetables every single day.

Regarding this, Leanne says:

Eat five servings of vegetables every day,’

She stresses:

Not five vegetables. Five servings.’

And one serving is half a cup of cooked green or orange vegetable. Try to be colorful in choosing vegetables. Incorporate all colors in your daily diet. Vegetables of colors orange, red, green, purple, yellow etc. are good for the body. Their micronutrients prevent chronic diseases and cancer.

Simple lifestyle habits
Mindfulness (Source: Meet Mindful)

Research states that one should eat 30 different kinds of plant produce in a week. This will be nutritious and also prevent boredom. Hence, pick up variety of fruits and vegetables the next time you shop at your local grocery shop or supermarket.

3. Get up at 5am and spend an hour on your goals every single morning.

Early wakeup is essential. The dietitian states:

‘Get up at 5am and spend an hour on your goals every morning,’

At that time, there would be lesser distractions and focus would be better.

4. Learn to meditate.

Sitting in a quiet area of the house or garden and thinking or concentrating on breathing would help relax and achieve peace of mind. This you could do in the early morning and after your morning chores.

5. Cook 90 per cent of your meals at home.

Eating outside food means eating unhealthily. This is because most prepared and packaged outside foods are high in saturated fats, sugars and salts. That is why they are called HSSS foods. Try to limit this to an occasional meal or treat. Instead, cook at home majority of the time using nutritious ingredients. This will ensure healthy eating.

6. Read every day.

Do some reading every day even if it is for only less than half an hour.

7. Strength train to get strong rather than to burn calories.

The aim of people going to the gym should be to not only burn calories but to build and maintain muscles too. The training should melt the fat but retain muscles and its strength. Muscle mass loss occurs with age. One should train to be stronger and not just to lose weight.

Simple lifestyle habits
Say no to alcohol (Source: Freepik)

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8. Quit or reduce your alcohol consumption and learn to socialise without it.

Stopping alcohol is best but at least reduce it. One should try to be in social groups without them.

Leanne says that even if you stick to one or two of these eight tips, it would help you succeed in your mission in a few months.