Unhealthy lifestyle

Busy work schedules? It is common in present urban life. One tends to skip meals due to it and this is unhealthy. How to avoid this unhealthy lifestyle without leaving work?

Urban life and unhealthy lifestyle

Life in metro cities of the world is never easy. You return home late and tired. Get up late and rush to work again. There is no time to even think about food and its nutritional importance.

At work, you are busy meeting goals and deadlines. The result is that you skip your lunch or have something hurriedly.

This something might be inadequate and/or not nutritious. And on return from work, you may be too tired to think about what to eat.

Unhealthy lifestyle
Poor work: life balance (Source: Leaderonomics)

You dig into the fridge and grab something and jump to bed thinking of the next day’s work. This unhealthy and insufficient eating habit coupled with work stress takes its toll on your health.

It is a vicious cycle. You are unable to break this circle and come out and think healthily. But here are some tips to overcome this unhealthy lifestyle and bring your valuable life under your control.

Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the first major meal of the day. Never skip it. Breakfast eaters are leaner with more energy and are more fit. Their memory and thinking power are good compared to those who do not have their breakfast daily.

And those who skip breakfast are not so healthy. Hence to avoid missing out a breakfast, make it a point to get up 30 minutes early.

It is even better if you plan and arrange some things for morning breakfast at nighttime itself before you retire to bed. Think about what you want to eat and whether it is healthy or not.

Unhealthy lifestyle
A healthy breakfast (Source: Sims home kitchen)

Keep boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes always ready. Additionally, always keep spreads and peanut butter, and whole wheat bread at home. You can prepare breakfast in an instant with these ingredients.

Eggs are cheap and easy to make for breakfast. Store these in the fridge for any time use. Keep a packet of breakfast cereals such as cornflakes, and oats in your home.

Also always have a bottle of fresh milk and cheese in the refrigerator.


Always incorporate lentils and colored foods in your lunch. One can boil lentils (overnight soaked), add salt and onions and eat it for lunch. It provides proteins, fiber, and vital nutrients.

It also fills the stomach and is a substantial food.

One can also have cereals with milk and honey and fruits for lunch. Vegetable salads are good and filling. A bowl of freshly cut fruits or 1 or 2 bananas is also nice for lunch. One can eat nuts or seeds along with.

Unhealthy lifestyle
A healthy lunch (Source: BBC good food)

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Try to go organic. If you are non-vegetarian, you can add fish or lean meat pieces to the salad and use olive oil for dressing. Think healthy and eat healthily. That should be your motto.