Strange food combinations

Often, we combine certain foods to make delicious and healthy food dishes. And certain food combinations we avoid. There are also certain strange food combinations that are actually good for the body, mind and health.

Good and bad food combinations

Food pairings are common in every culture. We tend to combine certain foods or food ingredients to produce a tasty and nutritious food dish. Some of these combinations of foods are good for health but some might harm the body. Adding a little milk to coffee is good but having fish with yoghurt might not appeal to some. It can lead to indigestion and skin problems.

Here are some strange food combinations that are lesser known but are beneficial for health.

Strange food combinations
Red wine in a casserole (Source: Tesco real foods)

The strange food combinations

Nutritionist Amanda Ursell has shared some examples of different and lesser known food pairings that are in fact beneficial to the body.

Red wine in a casserole

Food researchers have revealed that adding small amount of red wine to a simmering casserole can prevent allergies. The heat evaporates the wine leaving behind healthy flavonoids. Amanda explains:

After half an hour in the pan, the alcohol disappears but you still get the goodness of the antioxidant flavonoids.”

“There is also the orange antioxidant pigments in carrots as well as the iron from the meat, which the body absorbs well.”

Dark chocolate and chilli

Scientists from the USA, Australia and Sweden have stated that having dark chocolate once a week can decrease the risk of coronary artery blockages. This is due to the high amounts of polyphenols and flavanols present in them. Using grated dark chocolate with chili can help the heart. Amanda adds:

Look for a 70 per cent cocoa dark chocolate or above and keep it to a couple of squares per person.”

“It will help to make the meal feel rich and filling, so you won’t want to snaffle the leftover chocolate down after.”

Strange food combinations
Honey in lemon tea (Source: Simply recipes)

honey in tea and coffee

Adding a drizzle of honey to tea or coffee prevents inflammation and keeps away the winter germs, a study from the Tufts University in Boston says. Honey has natural antioxidants that assist in this. But Amanda warns:

“It’s important to keep all kinds of added sugars to a minimum as the spike in blood sugar which follows forces the pancreas to release insulin, to bring the sugar levels back down again.”

“The bigger and more frequent these spikes, the more pressure there is on the pancreas and over time it can wear out.”

Scrambled eggs with hummus

Hummus has soluble fiber. This helps to keep the cholesterol rise due to eggs under control. Amanda says:

“Chickpeas and sesame seeds in hummus boost fibre, and combined with eggs, they also give us bone-building phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, which benefit children and adults.”

“It’s an odd combination but it’s well worth giving a try.”

Lentils in spaghetti bolognese

Putting some lentils in spaghetti bolognese increases gut flora and prevents colon cancer. Moreover, they slow down the digestion and help in weight management. They are protein rich and thus healthy too.

Peanut butter in veg stew

Veg stew cooked with peanut butter provides extra iron and healthy fats. Amanda elaborates:

Peanut butter can also ward off hunger because it contains protein and good fats such as mono and polyunsaturated, which helps us to feel fuller for longer after meals.”

Strange food combinations
Black pepper on chips (Source: Pinterest)

Nut toppings on porridge

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On this, Amanda explains:

“Doctors are not entirely clear why, but some research suggests the fibre in nuts could help our bodies to control blood sugar levels.”

“Stick to around 25g a day. Research shows that this kind of intake can also help with weight loss, as the combination of protein, fibre and good, unsaturated oils in nuts make a really filling combination.”

“Brazil nuts are also especially rich in selenium, a mineral many Brits fall short of, and which experts from Harvard University in America say is crucial for helping to protect against infections.”

Black pepper on chips

Piperine in black peppers lowers blood cholesterol and keeps weight under control.