Protein bars

Often, people desirous to lose weight subsist on certain foods that are low calories but healthy. These include salads, granola bars, soups, protein bars, porridge, and fruit juices. But at times, they overlook certain points that might actually be making these same foods unhealthy for them. Let us analyze protein bars, fruit juices, and porridge as slimming foods; their pros and cons.

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Protein bars

A high protein food gives satiety and keeps the slimmers full for a longer time. This helps to minimize food intake in a day and thus cut calories. But dietitian Rob Hobson has some warnings on this food for slimming. He reveals that they might have added sugars and trans fat that could make them unhealthy. Further, Rob states:

Although protein bars are convenient, it’s far better to get your protein from whole sources such as lean meats, eggs, fish and tofu, to name a few.”

“Plus, protein bars often don’t contain that much protein, and other ingredients found in these bars can cause digestive issues for many,”

Protein bars
Protein bars (Source: Eating bird food)

An ideal bar should have less than 2 grams of sugar in it, says Rob. There should be no food additives. Shorter the ingredients list, the better is the bar.

Fruit juices

Fresh fruits are good for the body but fruit juices are easy to consume and convenient. Besides, in the five a day, fruit juice or vegetable juice or a smoothie is counted.

Fruit juice has no or lesser dietary fiber compared to the fresh cut whole fruit pieces. Sophie Bertrand, nutritionist elaborates:

“Juices can be enjoyed as part of a well balanced diet however what they lack is fibre.”

“Fibre actually slows down the release of sugars,”

Protein bars
Fruit juices (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, ready to drink juices of fruits or vegetables contain added sugars. This makes them unhealthy. The concentrated juices with sugars might give you an energy boost initially. But this would be followed by a crash and fatigue. And in such a scenario, you reach out for more sugary foods or drinks to overcome the weakness. This increases calories intake and leads to weight gain.

Rob explains:

Try to enjoy a predominantly vegetable-based juice as this might contain less sugar,”


This is a great winter food. When warmed and eaten at breakfast, it keeps you slim and fit and active for a longer time. Oats porridge with skimmed milk made at home is an excellent choice at breakfast.

Nowadays, pre made porridge packs are available. They are quick to make and easy and convenient. But they contain a lot of other additives and these might not be good for your waistline. Sophie repeats:

Again, things like honey and maple syrup are just the same as your average sugar,”

Protein bars
Porridge (Source: CHE food revolution)

She continues:

Porridge is typically made with oats and water or milk but ready made ones may contain extra sugar so check the ingredients list.”

“You can make your own nutritious porridge on the stove top with oats and milk or water and then add some fruit for some natural sweetness and antioxidants.”

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Furthermore, Rob reveals that these pre-made porridge packs have salt as well. And they also contain artificial flavorings. Making self at home is any day better, nutritionists advise.