Healthy breakfast

Breakfast should be healthy and adequate. It should be balanced and provide one with macronutrients as well as the vital micronutrients that the body needs. Slimmers opt for breakfast that is delicious with health benefits but also low calories. If the aim is to keep breakfast calories below 200, which are the healthy breakfast options to cook and eat?

Healthy breakfast options below 200 calories

Everyone of us want to maintain weight and remain fit and slim. With age obesity sets in. And having a heavy breakfast can add to the woes. At breakfast time, we feel very hungry because the whole night we have had nothing. There has been a long gap of starvation and body demands more.

But at the same time, our goal should be keep our breakfast as low in calories as possible without losing on the health aspects of it. How can one ensure this? Which are the healthy breakfast options which gives calories less than 200?

Porridge with raspberries

One can have oats porridge prepared in skimmed milk with toppings of raspberries. In this porridge, caloric content is 109 calories only. Around 30 g of raspberries should suffice in 100 ml skimmed milk with 15 grams of oats. Oats have complex carbs with fiber and protein. It is a wholesome food. Skimmed milk provided vitamins and minerals including calcium. And raspberries have antioxidants that have a lot of health benefits and prevents chronic diseases including cancer and cognitive decline.

Healthy breakfast
Porridge with raspberries (Source: Lazy cat kitchen)

Similarly, one can have old-fashioned rolled oats soaked overnight in breakfast in the morning. 40 g of these oats with 125 ml of almond milk and 10 g raspberries will give 196 calories in total.

Alternatively, one can have jumbo oats with blueberries in fat free natural yoghurt. The eater will derive 100 calories from it.

Two crumpets and butter

Two crumpets with 0.5 tsp of butter will form a good breakfast. It will give the eater around 183 calories.

All butter croissant

This provides 175 calories. One can get it ready-made from bakery or supermarket. Open the package and eat. You can warm it in a microwave for 10 seconds for the soft texture.

Blueberry bircher muesli

This consists of Bircher muesli with unsweetened apple juice, a bit of cinnamon and 10 to 12 blueberries. This serves as a healthy low calories breakfast and provides 105 calories. One can soak the muesli in apple juice overnight. Add cinnamon and blueberries in the morning and eat.

Poached eggs on toast

1 wholemeal bread and two eggs with a bit of butter is enough to make this tasty recipe. It gives 189 calories. And good amount of proteins with some fats. The bread provides the fiber.

Egg topped Portobello mushroom

Healthy breakfast
Eggs on Portobello mushroom (Source: Eggs ca)

1 egg and 1 Portobello mushroom cooked in this way will give the consumer 100 calories. Top it with parsley and black pepper. This will enhance the taste and flavor.

Phil Vickery’s peach sautéed peaches with lemon and yoghurt

This delicious dish requires half a can of peaches, ground nutmeg, lemon juice and natural yoghurt and will give 100 calories.

One boiled egg with toast soldiers

It has one large egg and provides 100 calories. The egg is protein rich and filling. It will keep you satiated until lunch time.

Alpen with no added sugar

This has cereal bowl with skimmed milk. It gives 199 calories and fills the stomach well until lunch time.

Healthy breakfast
Alpen no added sugar (Source: Flipkart)

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Why not try these lovely food dishes for breakfast? They are full of energy and health value. And at the same time, they have no additives, preservatives, sugar, or excess fats.