Low calories breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. One should never skip it. If you are on a weight loss diet, you may want to keep the calories from breakfast low. Which are the low calories breakfast options that are healthy too?

Breakfast: one of the major meals

Breakfast is one of the three major meals of the day. It is equally important as the other two meals: lunch and dinner. One should never skip it. It should preferably be low calories and healthy. For those desirous to lose weight, low calories breakfast are of utmost importance.

Low calories breakfast
Beans on toast (Source: Big oven)

If one is wanting to lose weight, it is not necessary to skip breakfast. One can opt for foods that are less in calories but at the same time healthy and nutrient dense. There are options possible wherein you can keep the calories obtained from such breakfast to below 100 calories. The breakfast should be filling with protein, fiber, and other micronutrients. Which are these healthy breakfast options?

Low calories breakfast options below 100 calories

These are of low calories and low fats. These include:

Beans on toast

This option gives only 97 calories. It is 1 slice of bread from whole wheat that gives 50 calories. 42 calories is from 50 g of baked beans. Avoid butter on the toast. This recipe is also simple to make. It is also a good travel food.

Banana with honey

1 small banana provides 89 calories and 0.5 tsp of honey gives 10 calories. One can use sliced or mashed bananas for it.

Water melon slices

200 g of this watery fruit provides 65 calories. It hydrates and refreshes as well. Moreover, it has lots of potassium in it that keeps the arteries and heart healthy.

Grapefruit with satsuma and pomegranate

Low calories breakfast
Grape fruit, satsuma, and pomegranate seeds (Source: Can stock photo)

Wholesome with less fat and low calories. Rich in vitamins and minerals and fiber. In total, this gives 75 calories. Similarly, a combination of kiwi, blueberries in Greek yoghurt is healthy and gives 95 calories.

Also, one can have mixed berries and apricot in Greek yoghurt. This will give 96 calories with 3 tbsp of Greek yoghurt and the fruits. Moreover, sultanas and almonds added to 3 tbsp of Greek yoghurt has 94 calories along with the goodness of nuts.

Cinnamon toast

This toast has some butter and olive oil with a pinch of cinnamon. It provides 92 calories.

Mixed berry yoghurt smoothie

This smoothie gives 89 calories. And there is calcium abd healthy bacteria from yoghurt which is also good for gut health.

3 egg white and black pepper omelette

This has protein with some olive oil. It gives just 91 calories when 1 tsp of olive oil is used to make 3 egg white omelette.

Mushroom and scrambled eggs

With 1 egg and 100 gms of chopped mushrooms, this preparation gives 91 calories along with highly bioavailable protein from eggs. Some fat from egg yolk can give satiety and fullness.

Low calories breakfast
Spinach omelette (Source: Yellow chilis)

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Spinach omelette

This provides just 94 calories when 1 egg and 60 grams spinach leaves are employed in its making. Similarly ham omelette can be cooked and it has 97 calories. The ham slice provides 19 calories to the consumer while the medium sized egg gives 78 calories.