Aarron Lambo
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Who is Aarron Lambo?

Aarron Lambo, a bodybuilder from the UK, is “Engraved” with a love for the sport. Since he started weightlifting at the age of 15, Aarron has risen to the top of the UK fitness scene.

Aarron Lambo has since won numerous amateur bodybuilding competitions, established his gym and fitness marketing company, and established himself as a bodybuilding legend in the UK.

Here is his account:

Body Measurements of Aarron Lambo

Full Name: Aarron Lambo
HEIGHT: 5’5″ (165cm)
WEIGHT: 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur
ERA: 2010


Aarron Lambo

  • a gym owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • The competitive bodybuilder


Young Aspirations

Aarron Lambo was fascinated with bodybuilding since he was a young child. He was born and reared in the East Midlands of England.

At the age of 15, he began weightlifting, finding motivation in the bodybuilders he read about in fitness magazines. Aaron declared;

“My brother-in-law gave me a bunch of fitness magazines from the 1990s, but I kept them for years poring through them again and again, looking at photographs of what I thought were the freakiest physiques in the world,” the woman says.

Aaron “knew” he wanted to compete on a bodybuilding stage someday as soon as he walked inside the gym.

He started competing in local Northamptonshire bodybuilding exhibitions a year later, at the age of 16, and won several teenage-category contests.

Soon, his goals grew even higher; at the age of 17, he desired to start his gym. Unfortunately, due to financial limitations, he was unable to realize his desire at that time.

Nevertheless, he continued to work hard toward his objective in the hopes that they would one day realize it.

I recalled telling my Nan that I would start saving money for a gym, but I never went past £30.

Meeting His Objective

Aarron “stepped up the pace” in his business pursuits in 2008 thanks to connections he developed in the UK that enabled him to launch his gym.

In 2013, after five years of diligent labor, he formally inaugurated his first training facility. Aarron noted that despite the lengthy and challenging procedure, it was worthwhile and continued, “From that day, the business exploded.”

By 2016, Aarron had expanded his fitness career into new fields by launching a company that promoted exercise and setting up his social media pages.

Aaron’s first objective was to introduce the best athletes in the fitness industry to the fans by setting up photo shoots, training sessions, and meet-and-greets with fitness legends from all over the world.

Aarron has since organized numerous fitness events including celebrities like Lee Priest, Terry Hollands, Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, and professional bodybuilder Roelly Winklaar while touring the UK and Europe to promote his company.


Aarron Lambo


Aarron advocates employing isolation exercises as “finishers” after big compound movements in an “old-school” manner of training. Barbell bench presses, squats, barbell biceps curls, close-grip bench presses, deadlifts, and rack pulls are a few of these exercises.

Aarron switches his repetition range around every month. In one month, he might train with a lot of repetitions (12+), while in the next, he might aim for 4-6 reps per session.


Regular Macros

Aarron eats every two to three hours to sustain his enormous body. He consumes a lot of nutritious fats and proteins in the morning and evening, including coconut oil, avocados, almonds, meats, chicken, and eggs.

He raises his carbohydrate intake throughout the day, but Aarron consumes the most fast-acting carbs just after exercise.


  • Pre-Workout
  • Whey Protein
  • BCAAs
  • Fat Burner

What Aarron Lambo Can Teach Us?

Aarron Lambo

Aarron Lambo has taught us the importance of perseverance and hard effort by fighting through the ordinary to attain greatness. It took him many years to finally open his first gym; to put it mildly, it was a mentally taxing procedure.

But he persisted, and as a result, he rose to fame as a bodybuilder and a prosperous businessman.

If there was one lesson we could learn from Aarron, it would be to never give up on your goals simply because they take a long time to achieve.

Aarron had been planning to start his first gym for almost ten years when he finally realized his ambition. Keep having high dreams and working hard because anything is possible if you have the correct attitude.

The Message Of Aarron

“The day you start doing well and attaining goals is the day you start taking care of number one. We live in a selfish world, and that much is certain. To survive and be more resilient than others, we must adapt.

Of course, some of us have dependents, but they count on us to remain mentally and physically fit. (Aarron Lambo)