Adi Gillespie
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Who Is Adi Gillespie?

Adi Gillespie’s journey, from serving in the Royal Air Force to becoming one of England’s top fitness influencers, serves as motivation for others every day.

Adi was a passionate rugby and soccer player in his youth. Before starting a brand-new path in the British armed forces, he participated in these sports throughout elementary and high school.

Adi came back from his seven-year military more powerful than ever. He embarked on a new path to become an English fitness icon and personal trainer with a better outlook and an even better body.

Body Measurements Of Adi Gillespie 

Full Name: Adi Gillespie
HEIGHT: 5’10” (177.5cm)
WEIGHT: 175 – 185lbs (79.4 – 83.9kg)


  • Exercise Model
  • Individual Trainer
  • Expert Calisthenics


Short Career Of Adi Gillespie Adi Gillespie

Adi Gillespie, who is originally from Manchester, England, has always been interested in sports and fitness. Gymnastics was his first sport, which he took up when he was five years old.

“I’ve always been into exercise… It’s ingrained in me from day one.

Adi’s passions and interests evolved as he grew older. As a result, he started dabbling in rugby and soccer, among other sports and activities.

Adi continued participating in these sports for several years, up until his high school graduation. After this, he enlisted in the military and began his seven-year service in the British Royal Air Forces.

Finding A New Opportunity In The Fitness IndustryAdi Gillespie

Adi Gillespie continued to participate in athletics while serving in the military. In his spare time, Adi played rugby and kept up a fitness routine that included bodyweight exercises and aerobics.

Weightlifting was one of Adi’s newfound loves after he left the military at the age of 24. Adi became “enthralled” with fitness and weightlifting after observing the changes in his body as a result of his workouts.

Adi quickly developed an interest in the notion of becoming a personal trainer as a result of a series of events. After some time, he succeeded in realizing his dreams and started a career as a fitness instructor.

Adi’s Social Media Ascent

Adi started posting photos of his fitness journey on social media while he was working as a personal trainer. At this point, his online fan base started to expand.

Adi understood he could establish a name for himself in the fitness business after noticing an increase in the number of visitors to his pages.

He started developing his internet brand at this point, gradually transforming his love of exercise into a profession.

By 2018, Adi had amassed a sizable online following and was one of England’s top fitness influencers.


Adi Gillespie’s Beginner’s Guide

Adi suggests that new exercisers begin with the fundamentals. He advises concentrating on complex workouts like pull-ups, push-ups, and squats in particular since they guarantee the best possible muscle growth.

“Focus on the fundamentals. Raising the resistance progressively as you gain strength. Basics. Everyone is aware of them. Nobody enjoys performing them.

Adi Gillespie advises introducing isolation exercises only if a person has established a solid foundation and desires to highlight particular body regions.

The Value Of Recovering

Adi now understands the value of relaxation and recuperation after exercise, but he didn’t always. Adi began his fitness career by engaging in daily high-intensity workouts.

He initially didn’t observe any adverse impacts from this kind of training. But gradually, Adi’s performance at the gym dropped off, and he also started to feel incredibly worn out.

Adi quickly understood that he needed to stop training. Adi’s outcomes enhanced as he included rest days in his regimen, and he also felt better than before.

“At first, I worked out in the gym every day, practicing a variety of exercises with intense finishers. When you’re young, you can usually get away with it, but you don’t know the effects it has on your central nervous system.


Daily Nutrition Of Adi Gillespie

Adi typically eats an avocado, a few boiled eggs, and toasted rye bread for breakfast. Adi will enjoy a snack of mixed berries for his mid-morning meal.

Berries have a low glycemic index, which indicates they won’t significantly increase his blood insulin levels, thus he prefers them over other fruits.

Adi will eat a traditional chicken and rice meal for lunch along with some side vegetables. Adi will eat steak and sweet potatoes if he wants to switch things up.

Last but not least, Adi will eat a little dinner in the evening. like cookies and a cup of tea. Adi will prepare himself some oatmeal with some peanut butter or chocolate spread if he believes he needs additional calories.

Weight Scale vs. A Mirror

Adi doesn’t measure out his meals. Additionally, he doesn’t track his calories or macros. Instead, he uses the “80%-20%” approach and checks his progress in the mirror.

This implies that he will typically consume wholesome items, with the occasional “cheat meal” to sate his appetite.

“I maintain an 80% to 20% ratio, which means that I will eat what I want to. I eat the majority of whole foods. I consume a lot of carbs as well since I believe I need them.

It just comes down to keeping an eye on how you feel, how you appear in the mirror, and your weight, in my opinion.

Meal Routine, (Fitness)

Adi does not believe that eating multiple little meals throughout the day is necessary. No matter how many meals he had that day, the most important thing to him was to eat a generally healthy and nutritious diet.

You don’t need to eat six meals a day, in Adi’s own words. I am aware that distributing your meals evenly reduces hunger.

It doesn’t matter what works for your lifestyle as long as the fundamentals are met—enough protein, a diversified diet, whole foods, no processed foods, and low sodium.

A View From Adi On Supplements

Adi Gillespie typically avoids dietary supplements. The sole exception is a vegan protein powder, which he takes rarely and only when whole foods are insufficient to help him reach his daily protein goal.

Here is Adi’s perspective On supplements;

I hardly ever take vitamins. I believe that eating is providing me with all of my needs. By advising you to consume a certain amount each day, all these processed protein brands are simply feeding you garbage. You don’t require as much as they claim.

What Adi Gillespie Teaches Us?

The qualities that have made Adi the person he is today are discipline, determination, and a clear vision for his objectives.

Whatever your goals may be, you too can achieve them with the same mindset and dedication.