Pizza Rolls
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The fastest and easiest way to produce delightfully crispy pizza rolls with cheesy melty insides is to make them in the air fryer!

We never cooked pizza rolls any other way for my family after we started cooking them in the air fryer. Very quick and simple.

Why Will You Enjoy Crispy Pizza Rolls?

  • Pizza rolls cooked in the air fryer come out wonderfully crispy on the outside and melty and hot on the inside. Cooking them in the oven yields far superior results. It’s also quicker than using the oven, plus you don’t have to heat up the whole kitchen!
  • Air frying is very simple and quick! You simply break open the box or bag and throw the pizza rolls into the basket because you’re cooking the food straight from the freezer! Perfect for when you (or the kids) just want a fast snack or meal.
  • The air fryer is also ideal for warming any leftovers you may have. Preheat the air fryer to 380 degrees Fahrenheit and reheat the leftovers for 2 minutes, or until they’re warm and crisp again. Fresh pizza rolls are ideal but reheated pizza rolls are still excellent.

Important Ingredients

Pizza Rolls yum
Food: Pizza Rolls (Source: Sustainable Cooks)

Rolls of pizza – This method works with any brand of pizza roll and any type. In my house, Annie’s Pizza Poppers and Amy’s Pizza Snacks are favorites, but you may also use Totino’s Pizza Rolls or Michelina’s Pizza Rolls. Keep in mind that if you use tiny pizza rolls, you won’t need to cook them as long.

Okay, this is completely optional, but a dipping sauce is a simple way to elevate the pizza roll experience. If you enjoy ranch with your pizza, you must try ranch with your pizza rolls.

Pizza sauce or a fast melted garlic butter sauce are both excellent choices. Of course, pizza rolls are delicious on their own, so no sauce is required.

Chef’s Advice

  • Make sure the air fryer basket isn’t too full! If you stuff too many pizza rolls into the oven at once, the air won’t circulate properly. The pizza rolls will not cook evenly if the air cannot circulate. As needed, work in batches.
  • If you have difficulties getting food to stick to your air fryer basket, spray it with an air fryer-safe spray oil before adding the pizza rolls. Make sure it’s safe to use in an air fryer. The coating on the basket might be damaged by aerosol cooking sprays. A final small spray of oil on the tops of the pizza rolls will make them even crispier! However, I didn’t find myself in need of it. Without the oil, mine came out crispy!
  • Take the air fryer basket out halfway through the cooking time and give it a thorough shake to ensure the pizza rolls cook evenly. This also prevents the pizza rolls from sticking to the pizza basket. You’ll want to rotate the racks instead if you’re using an air fryer with racks.
  • In the air fryer, pizza rolls exploded? This indicates that they were overcooked! Next time, reduce the cooking time by a minute or two. You might also reduce the temperature to 370°F while maintaining the same cooking time. Because every air fryer is different, be sure to adjust this approach to fit yours!

In the Air Fryer, Make Crispy Pizza Rolls

5 minutes to prepare
6 minutes to cook
11 minutes total

The fastest and easiest way to produce delightfully crispy pizza rolls with cheesy melty insides is to make them in the air fryer! We never cooked pizza rolls any other way for my family after we started cooking them in the air fryer. Very quick and simple.


  • 16-20 frozen pizza rolls 2 boxes of Annie’s Pizza Poppers or 1 small bag of Totino’s Pizza Rolls


  • Air fryer


Pizza rolls air fryer
Food: Pizza Rolls (Source: Sustainable Cooks)
  1. Preheat the air fryer to 380 degrees F.
  2. Remove the basket from the air fryer once it has been warmed and stack the pizza rolls in one equal layer. As needed, work in batches. In the air fryer basket, pizza rolls after 3 minutes of cooking.
  3. Remove the basket from the air fryer and shake it before replacing it. Cook for 3 more minutes. Remove carefully from the air fryer. Rep with the rest of the frozen pizza rolls.
  4. Serve the air fryer crispy pizza rolls plain or dipped in pizza sauce, ranch, or melted garlic butter. The crispy pizza rolls will be quite hot! Allow for a minute or two of cooling time before eating.
    Pizza rolls on a platter with a bowl of pizza sauce cooked in an air fryer


  • Rolls of pizza: Use your favorite pizza roll brand and type here! In my house, we prefer Annie’s and Amy’s, but Totino’s and Michelina’s can also suffice!
  • To ensure that the pizza rolls cook evenly, jiggle the air fryer basket halfway during the cooking period.
    The pizza rolls were overcooked if they exploded in the air fryer basket. With the next batch, try lowering the cooking time or the temperature.
  • A Chefman air fryer was used to test and perfect this process. Because air fryer models differ, your cook time may vary by 1-2 minutes depending on your equipment and the size and quantity of pizza rolls you’re frying.
  • Veganize it: Vegan pizza rolls should be used.
  • Use gluten-free pizza rolls to make it gluten-free.

This recipe serves around 4 people. Your desired portion sizes will determine the number of servings.

The nutritional contents displayed are for 1 serving using 2 boxes of Annie’s Three Cheese Pizza Poppers and are approximate. The exact macros will vary depending on the brands and types of ingredients utilized.

Prepare the recipe as directed to get the weight of one serving. Weigh the final recipe, then divide the weight (not including the weight of the container in which the food is stored) by four. The weight of one serving will be the result..

Nutrition Information

Serving: 1serving, Calories: 160kcal, Carbohydrates: 23g, Protein: 7g, Fat: 5g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Trans Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 8mg, Sodium: 210mg, Potassium: 125mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 2g, Calcium: 105mg, Iron: 1mg, Net Carbs: 22g