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AJ Ellison
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Who is AJ Ellison?

AJ Ellison has always been a committed and passionate athlete, and during his high school years, he established himself as a competitive middle-distance runner, winning several tournaments along the way. Since then, he has made the most of his athletic background to establish himself as a well-known fitness model in the WBFF.

Short Career of AJ Ellison

He moved around with his parents a lot throughout his early years. But he persisted in pursuing his love of fitness despite that. Later in life, he became interested in martial arts and started competing in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But then, one day, certain things began to have an impact on his life.

While practicing martial arts, he had major injuries, including a broken ankle and a torn tricep. When AJ believed things couldn’t get any worse, his father attempted suicide, which had a significant impact on him for a while.

But AJ discovered how to overcome obstacles to succeed in the fitness and modeling stages, earning his WBFF Pro Card in 2011. From that point on, his fitness career took off to the point where he was both a sponsored athlete and a personal trainer.

Here is his account:

AJ Ellison

Body Measurements of AJ Ellison

Full Name: AJ Ellison
HEIGHT: 5’11” (180cm)
WEIGHT: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)
PROFESSION: WBFF Professional Fitness Model, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2000, 2010


Career Accomplishments

  • Professional Fitness Model for WBFF
  • Featured Athlete
  • Individual Trainer

Competitor Statistics

Exercise Modeling


  • WBFF World Championships – World Champion Muscle Model


  • WBFF European Championships – 2nd place Muscle Model
  • WBFF World Championships – 4th in the world Place Muscle Model


  • WBFF World Championships – 2nd in the world Muscle Model


  • WBFF World Championships – World Champion Muscle Model


  • WBFF World Championships – 2nd in the world Muscle Model


  • WBFF World Championships – 3rd in the world Muscle Model (Earned Pro Card)

Similar Contests


  • North American Grappling Association – Arnold’s Classic Welterweight No-gi Champion


  • USA Olympic Trials Qualifier (Men’s 800m)


  • USA Indoor Championships – 4th Place (Men’s 800m)
  • NCAA Championships Qualifier (Men’s 800m)


  • AAU National Champion (Boy’s 1500m)
  • USATF National Champion (Boy’s 1500m)
  • Kansas State Champion (Boy’s 800m)


Powerful Athlete

In the US state of California, in the city of Merced, AJ Ellison was born in 1976. AJ developed a passion for competitive sports at a young age and ran track throughout junior high.

However, AJ moved about a lot as a child, spending time in different parts of America like California and North Carolina as well as briefly residing in his mother’s native Japan. Despite this, AJ made sure he stayed on course to meet his fitness objectives.

From that point on, AJ started to establish himself as a renowned athlete, earning numerous accolades on the running track. This includes the 1994 Kansas State, where AJ won the race and demonstrated his tremendous running potential.

As a result of his accomplishments, AJ went on to earn a spot in the trials for the 2000 Olympic Games. AJ will always be proud of this significant accomplishment in his running career. He quickly decided to change course with his fitness profession, though.

Trying Time In His Life

Following his success in the running world, he developed a fascination for martial arts, competing in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. AJ was able to pursue his ambition for an adventurous living thanks to these competitive sports. The situation quickly started to deteriorate, though.

After practicing martial arts for a while, AJ started to have injuries. He sustained a significant tricep rupture as well as an ankle fracture. AJ was compelled to reevaluate his fitness priorities at this moment.

To make matters worse, his father attempted suicide and came dangerously close to doing so. As a result, AJ was greatly impacted. This proved to be a significant personal challenge in his life for a while.

But AJ quickly discovered that he had to keep moving forward to get through any obstacles he faced. After that, AJ was determined to draw lessons from his mistakes and live a happier life. Regarding his capacity to continue living his life, AJ said:

“Everyone has their problems, challenges, or demons. It’s how we decided to approach them. I decided to grow from my mistakes and continue. I decided to get back up after falling, and I’m fortunate to have a small group of friends and family that support me. I couldn’t have done any of it alone.

Career In Fitness Modeling

AJ Ellison eventually determined that fitness modeling would be his next move after spending some time reflecting on his life’s course. He then started working out diligently in the gym to achieve his objective of turning into a successful fitness model.

Soon after, AJ competed for the first time, competing in the 2011 WBFF World Championships. AJ finished third in the contest and received his WBFF Pro Card as a result, demonstrating that fitness modeling was a viable career choice for him.

After that, AJ was committed to building on his achievement and enhancing his performance in competitions. He started working hard in the gym to develop his physique order to do. In 2012, AJ participated in the same tournament again and, thanks to his unwavering commitment to improvement, he quickly stormed to second place.

But when he entered the same contest again in 2013, AJ was successful in winning, and he repeated this in 2016. This served as a reminder that he had established himself on the fitness modeling stage and developed a fantastic physique as a result.

AJ claims that his continued success as a fitness model is what made it possible for him to go into the field of personal training. Since he started modeling for fitness companies, AJ has gained more knowledge about diet and exercise, and his perseverance has paid off.

AJ set his sights on assisting others in achieving the same degree of success because he was able to establish a reputation for himself in the fitness modeling industry. His goal is to motivate others to go above and beyond their wildest expectations. Here is AJ discussing his love for competition and his desire to help others:

By leading a healthy lifestyle, “I’d like to inspire as many people as I can, and right now, I’m using the medium of competition and personal training to reach as many people as possible.”


AJ works out in the gym five days a week. His primary attention is on his calves and stomach, which allows him to keep his shredded figure. However, AJ makes sure that the intensity of his workouts is constantly high. He can grow muscle at the best possible rate as a result. Regarding his training, AJ says the following:

I make an effort to exercise my calves and abs twice a week. I need to maintain core stability, and I truly want my calves to extend. Naturally, I work with each muscle group hard, but since everyone has strengths and weaknesses, I try to maintain balance without compromising my gym performance.

The five-day divide that AJ uses is as follows:

Split In AJ Ellison’s Training

AJ Ellison

  • Day 1: Legs
  • Day 2: Abdominal and chest
  • 3rd Day: Return
  • Calves and shoulders on the fourth day
  • Biceps, triceps, and abs on Day 5


For the year, AJ enjoys consuming a “clean eating” diet to keep his physique in top shape. He monitors his macronutrients by counting calories and weighing his meals. He can maintain his schedule as a result, especially before his tournament appearances.

The following is a list of AJ’s macronutrients and diet staples:

Diet And Macronutrients By AJ Ellison


  • 330 g Protein
  • 370 g Carbs
  • 85 g Fat


  • Oats
  • Brown Rice
  • Sweet Potato
  • White Potato


  • Egg Whites
  • Chicken
  • Tilapia
  • Lean Red Meat
  • Whey Protein Powder
  • Greek Yoghurt
  • Cottage Cheese


  • Salmon
  • Natural Peanut Butter
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • MCT (Medium-chain Triglyceride) Oil
  • Fish Oil


  • Fruit – Bananas, Apples
  • Vegetables – Greens such as Broccoli and Green Beans

Influences And Idols

AJ used fitness role models as inspiration to develop his impressive figure through rigorous gym practice and a committed attitude. About his favorite bodybuilders, AJ said:

I did look up to the late Serge Nubret as a child. I was very impressed with his mass and dimensions. Another person I respected was Frank Zane since he wasn’t a particularly large man. He appeared reachable, and he was destroyed.

Additionally, AJ’s mother was the only one who ever taught him many crucial things in life, chief among them the advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, he was able to keep pushing himself harder when working out in the gym thanks to the encouragement of his friends and workout partners.

What AJ Ellison Can Teach Us?

We may learn from AJ Ellison that he was successful in his fitness quest because of his motivation, drive, and tenacity to keep moving forward.

Because of his immense strength and character, as well as his ability to fully benefit from the love and support of those around him, he quickly learned how to get beyond any challenges in his path. You can achieve success in your life, whether it be in fitness or something else, by imitating him.