Alex Silver Fagen
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Who is Alex Silver Fagen?

Personal trainer, fitness and spokesmodel, sponsored athlete, and social media sensation Alex Silver Fagan hails from New Jersey (USA).

Short Career of Alex Silver Fagen

Alex Silver Fagen didn’t have a passion for the profession growing up, unlike many other fitness icons; it was something she discovered while attending college in New York.

But she moved quickly to pursue her new goals; very long, she had won a bikini competition trophy and had secured sponsorship from some of the greatest names in the sports sector.

Accept the challenges and hiccups along the way since they will all improve you.

Body Measurements of Alex Silver Fagen

Full Name: Alex Silver Fagen
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Personal trainer, group exercise instructor, yoga instructor, and fitness model
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
HEIGHT: 5’4″ (162.5cm) 

“I started my fitness journey by competing in bikini competitions.”

Alex Silver Fagen



  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)
  • 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Kettlebell Athletics 1
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Y-Balance
  • ACE Flexibility Specialist

Fitness Modelling

  • NIKE Trainer
  • Wilhelmina Fitness Model
  • Women’s Health Magazine Next Fitness Star 2016 Finalist
  • Team Athlete
  • Performix Sponsored Athlete

Competition History

  • 2014 NPC Atlantic States Bikini Competition – 7th
  • 2014 NPC Northeast Summer Classic Bikini Competition – 2nd
  • 2015 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Search – 2nd

“It’s always a struggle, but that’s what makes it worth it. If each day were easy, you’d never progress.”


Start of Fitness Journey

Alex, a New Jersey native who was reared in Millburn, enrolled at New York University to study business marketing.

But while living in New York, she became very passionate about fitness and resolved to pursue a career in the field after receiving her degree.

Alex, who was 21 years old when she graduated from college in 2014, instantly upped her game in the gym and decided she wanted to compete as a bikini athlete.

First Competition

For the following year, Alex put in intense gym work to get a shredded physique that would allow her to perform well in her first show.

She had accomplished her objective by July of 2015 when she competed in the NPC Atlantic States Bikini Competition.

Despite not having the ideal start to her fitness career, Alex finished a very respectable 7th among more experienced competitors.

This encouraged her to succeed as she persisted in pursuing her goal of becoming well-known in the field.


Alex wasted no time and only a few months later competed at the 2015 NPC Northeast Summer Classic show.

She once more fell short of winning the gold medal, but she got recognition after receiving a second-place trophy. However, she wasn’t finished yet.

Alex eventually saw success at the end of the year after participating in the Spokesmodel Search.

She had to compete against tens of thousands of applications from all around the world before being selected to be a sponsored athlete.

Individual Trainer

Being the spokesmodel for the top bodybuilding website had given Alex a lot of attention, which was just what she needed to launch her fitness career.

Alex decided to assist others to pursue their aspirations after experiencing life as a sponsored spokesmodel. In 2016, she obtained her training certification and began coaching others.

Star of Social Media

Soon after, Alex established a solid reputation as a fitness icon and personal trainer. As a result, she racked up a sizable Instagram following, with admirers from all over the world praising her amazing physique and way of life.

Alex started posting videos of her exercises on social media to reach a larger audience, giving her followers tips on how to exercise properly (as well as advertising her services as a personal trainer).

Alex was soon approached by some of the greatest names in the sports world and began to appear in several publications and advertising campaigns.

In 2017, Alex established himself as a social media sensation and fitness icon.

” I lift heavy weights and I’m also a yogi.”

Alex Silver Fagen


Since enrolling at New York University (NYU), Alex has been working out six days a week in the gym.

However, she had to make sure her workouts were quick and efficient due to her hectic schedule as a personal trainer, fitness model and spokesmodel, and sponsored athlete.

As a result, Alex is a huge supporter of “quick and dirty” circuit training since she thinks it helps her build her figure utilizing weights in the least amount of time.

Exercise Routine

Here is Alex’s preferred circuit exercise:

Fast and Dirty Circuit Routine – 3-4 Rounds with minimal rest 

  • Burpee With Side-to-Side Shuffle – 8 reps
  • Split Squat with Shoulder Press – 8 reps
  • Decline Push-Up with Cross Climber – 8 reps
  • Dumbbell Front Squat To Rotational Press – 8 reps
  • Renegade Row – 8 reps
  • Overhead Reach with Toe-Tap Leg Extension – 8 reps per leg

Favorite Exercises 

In terms of weighted lifts, here are Alex’s top 3:

  • Barbell Deadlift
  • Box Jump
  • Dive Bomber Push Up

“I use my body differently all day long and am always on the hunt to learn more.”


Alex understands the need for nutrition when attempting to sculpt a terrific shape because she is a personal trainer and fitness model. She consumes up to 6 little meals each day to maintain her metabolism and maximize her ability to burn fat.

She does, however, allow herself a cheat meal once a week, with pizza and ice cream being her favorite.

” I began teaching classes and training clients in NYC in addition to finding a love for functional training, not just bodybuilding.”

Influences and Idols

Alex didn’t have a lot of interest in fitness as a child; instead, her love of exercising came about when she was a college student and motivated to achieve her ideal body.

Alex has always been self-motivated as a result of this. But ever since she started working as a personal trainer, she insists that what drives her to keep improving with her clients.

“I’m driven to never settle for being ordinary or average. We all have the potential to be great.”

What did Alex Silver Fagan Can Teach Us?

If there is anything we can learn from Alex’s story, it is to always help others when you have the opportunity to do so.

Alex obtained her training certifications as soon as she started to establish herself as a fitness spokesperson and spokesmodel, offering to share her expertise and mentor others.

Additionally, Alex has inspired us to never give up on our goals.

Although her career didn’t get off to the best start (she finished seventh in her debut show), she persisted and eventually achieved success by securing sponsorships from the greatest names in the sports world.