Alton Brown

Alton Brown loves food. The famous American chef and TV personality hates food trends.

But he does not mind plant-based trend. Talking on Reddit platform, he talked about the simplicity with which one can make a healthy plant-based meal for self.

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Alton Brown and his hate for food trends

American chef Alton Brown is no fan of food trends and fad diets. He feels that they come and go. But one thing that is here to stay is the plant-based food trend.

And he does not mind it. Alton feels that this trend is slowly seeping into the world. But it is good in the long run for people and environment.

Alton Brown
Alton Brown likes vegan trend and none of the food fads (Source: Choice)

It was in 2019 that Alton was on Reddit on AMA (Ask me anything). He fielded questions from this platform users. While giving cooking advice to the users, Alton said that food fads are not here to stay.

Quinoa and kale trends came and went. He never follows these trends and in fact dislikes them. He uses food items that are nutritious. Alton prefers to not be part of trends.

But there is one trend that Alton would always like to follow. And it is the vegetarian and vegan trend, he said. Alton wrote:

“I generally just hate trends,” 

“but if I had to pick one, it’s probably the slow acceptance of vegetarian food as just … good rather than ‘vegetarian.’” 

Celebrities and the vegan food trend

More and more celebrities support the vegan food trend. It slowly but surely increased in acceptance due to these celebrity power behind it. And now, it has found a place equal to that of meat based food in society.

The products are plant based. And there are some foods that come from plants but look and taste like meat.

Dye to this, more and more people are giving up meat and adopting a vegan lifestyle. Vegan chefs cook delicious meals and dishes that even meat lovers love.

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Alton Brown
Brad Pitt is vegan for environmental reasons (Source: Live Kindly)

American singer Lizzo loves plant-based food. Beyonce is also a fan of it. Actress Zendaya is a full-time vegetarian. Actor Brad Pitt has also gone vegan.

But he reveals that the purpose was to safeguard environment and prevent it from further degradation. Kristen Bell has been a vegetarian throughout and recently has given up milk and eggs too and became a total vegan.

As stars reveal their plant based food habits on social media, their fans follow suit and the trend is catching up gradually.

Also, imitation meat plants such as Beyond Meat have cropped up and aided in acceptance of this trend amongst the masses. Actress Jessica Chastain is an investor in this firm.

Simple good food cooking

Alton reveals that cooking good food need not be a complicated feat. The vegan celebs have access to special and expensive vegan restaurants of have their own personal chefs to cook these meals for them.

But Alton states that anyone can cook a good meal easily in simple steps. He explained to his fans that they require a good cutting board and sharp knives for it.

Alton starts first by opening the refrigerator to see what is there in it. He believes that one should use these ingredients at hand to cook a meal. His go-to-meal is roasted chicken with waffles.

Alton Brown
Alton Brown and his easy cooking tips (Source: Pop sugar)

Thus whether you are a vegan or not, cooking a healthy meal for self should not be hard. Every single person in this universe should be able to do it. It does not require great efforts or a lot of time or costly ingredients.