Jane Fonda

It is unbelievable but true. Jane Fonda is 84 but still looks stunning. She does not follow any particular fad diet.

The Grace and Frankie star pursues a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. So what are the secrets of her eating habits that has helped her look so incredible even with age?

Jane Fonda and her health secrets

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda is evergreen with youthful look and skin (Source: Wikipedia)

The gorgeous actress of yesteryears, Jane Fonda continues to stun the world with her young looks and glowing skin. She believes in a healthy lifestyle and follows it. What are the secrets of her health even at 84?

1. Jane Fonda does not pursue fad diets

In 2012, Jane had shared her health tips with BeFit. She is no follower of the different fad diets. Jane had said:

Fad diets are the ones promising unrealistic results,”

“You should not try to lose more than 2 to 3 pounds per week.”

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She stresses:

“Don’t think diet, think health.”

2. No breakfast skip

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda never skips breakfast. She considers it as a major meal of the day. It has to be nutritious (Source: Wikipedia)

Jane never skips breakfast. Studies have revealed that breakfast is vital for health and should not be omitted. It is an important meal of the day for everyone including those who want to.lose weight. Jane said:

“Every morning commit to starting the day with a nutritious breakfast. People who do so tend to lose weight,”

Omitting this meal can slow down body metabolism. It will make one feel hungry and lethargic. In fact, it can cause weight gain too.

3. No excessive rigidy on food

Jane has a plan for daily food. But she is not super strict about it. Jane has a balance in her everyday life and tries to maintain it. According to her:

You don’t want to feel deprived,”

“You can’t sustain that over the long haul. So, if you have a piece of chocolate, it’s okay. Just don’t eat the whole box. Or maybe take a longer walk tomorrow.”

4. Less meat and fish

Jane prefers to keep meat eating to the minimum. She also tries to avoid fish. She said to Well+Food:

“I eat fresh fruits and vegetables every single day. I eat almost no meat. And I’ve cut way back on fish,”

“There are places in the world where fish is people’s only source of protein, so in a country like ours, where we have other choices, we should reduce our eating of fish.”

5. Snacks yes but healthy ones

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda prefers healthy snacks and loves to snack on them (Source: Delish)

Jane does have snacks but of the healthy type. She opined:

Keep healthy snacks on hand for between meals—things such as fruit or low-fat cottage cheese or string cheese. Red grapes go well with cheese,”

Jane is also an activist and continues to work. She has been into innumerable relationships after losing her virginity at the age of 18. Additionally, Jane was married three times. All three marriages ended in a divorce. She has three children.