Amyl Guard supplement

Diet and exercise is an effective and safe way to lose weight. But some are unable to have time to exercise. And they follow a diet but soon get fatigued or start getting food cravings. This leads to cessation of their dieting process. And in some people, both diet and exercise do not help to shed the extra fats. Here comes the role of weight loss supplements such as Amyl Guard supplement. These assist lose weight with no need of dieting or exercise. Is it useful? Is it safe? What does it contain?

Diet, exercise and weight loss supplements

Dieting in a healthy way is the first step towards losing weight. But some people are unable to adhere to a diet. Moreover, in most, after a few weeks, their cravings for restricted foods return. Lower calories content of food starves them and they start feeling energyless. And the weight loss stabilizes or the lost weight returns.

Exercise can help lose weight. But it needs to be rigorous and sustained. Many dieters do not find time for gym visits. Or they feel too bored to exercise. And hence they are unable to lose adequate weight.

Amyl Guard supplement
Amyl Guard supplement for weight loss (Source: Pinterest)

Here comes the importance of weight loss supplements. Amyl Guard supplement is one such weight loss supplement that Lauren, a professional nurse developed. Nutraville manufactures it.

Amyl Guard supplement

Amylase is an enzyme produced by the salivary glands and pancreas. It digests carbs and starch. The break-up leads to energy production. With age above 30 years, amylase production in the body increases. And this converts body into a fat storing mode. This leads to overweight and obesity.

Amyl Guard supplement is a carb blocker. It is an amylase inhibitor. It has four ingredients. And it has an action similar to the mysterious Japanese compound, the Green Heart Okinawa.

Amyl Guard supplement
Amyl Guard supplement (Source: Behance)

These four ingredients are white kidney bean, bitter melon extract, chromium picolinate, and berberine. The white kidney bean reduces amylase secretion, blocks starch digestion, increases fat burning, decreases appetite, controls blood sugar, and reduces cancer risk.

The bitter melon extract boosts metabolism, lowers amylase, increases fat burning hormones, increases glucose synthesis in cells and controls blood sugar. Chromium picolinate helps in fat burning and blocks amylase action. It controls hunger and blood sugar. Berberine has cholesterol and blood sugar lowering potential. It reduces fat cells and controls blood pressure. It can also fight infections.

Benefits and safety

The supplement helps lose weight. It boosts memory and cognition. It has high levels of vitamins and minerals. These improve immunity and fights infections. It helps body healing and recovery. The supplement also is good for the skin. It improves skin elasticity and prevents its damage. Additionally, it strengthens hair. Also, it improves digestion and reduces risk of heart ailments. It provides body with high energy levels.

Amyl Guard supplement
Ingredients of Amyl Guard supplement (Source: Alphanewscall)

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Moreover, it has all natural ingredients. Hence it is safe with no adverse effects on the body. The manufacturers recommend it for all above 18 years of age. The suggested dosage is two pills daily with a glass of water. One can take one pill in the morning and one in the evening for better effects. A minimum of 90 days is needed to see the difference. Continue it for weight and health reasons.