Andrei Deiu
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IFBB professional bodybuilder Andrei Deiu is also a fitness model, business owner, YouTuber, and social media influencer. He excels in both competitive events and fitness competitions.

One of the best IFBB professional bodybuilders you will ever witness, Andrei Deiu even took first place in the Men’s Physique class at the 2021 IFBB Pro League Republic Of Texas Ori Championship. So continue reading if you also want the Andrei exercise and diet plan.

Andrei Deiu Body Stats

Height 6 ft
Weight 85-90 kg
Age 25 years
Chest 50-54 inch
Waist 34 inch
Biceps 18 inch

Routine For Andrei Deiu’s Workout, Fat-Burning Exercises

Andrei Deiu
Andrei Deiu Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Exercise, Body Measurements

An IFBB professional bodybuilder noted for his YouTube and fitness videos, Andrei competes in a variety of competitions. At this point in the competition, he has one of the best physiques.

So, will he undoubtedly compete in the upcoming Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique? Andrei might be the next Men’s Physique even though he didn’t win this time.

Speaking of Mr. Olympia, Andrei’s exercise from the Road to Olympia is available on his channel.

As I mentioned, Andrei is a well-known fitness influencer and YouTuber who posts fitness advice.

There, Andrei is displaying a number of his exercise videos as well as an entire series titled “Road to Olympia.”

Keep in mind that Andrei and all bodybuilders handle before and after differently. Andrei and all bodybuilders are focused on performing the fat-burning exercises before the competition.

At that time, they will be working on two muscles per day, performing 4-5 sets, one of which will be a drop-set till failure.

To gain better results during a workout, the number of reps was raised, and aerobic exercises were included. Andrei also discusses doing 45 minutes of cardio while losing weight in a recent video, which I will cover later.

After the event, though, the training is straightforward and concentrates on bulking up, with one muscle group being targeted each day.

So be sure to work out six days a week and bulk up as much as you can before the next competition.

However, I imagined Andrei Deiu doing out five days a week, hitting his arms, legs, shoulders, back, and chest.

I’ll proceed in that manner, and I should warn you all up front that I haven’t seen all of his movies. This is because there are a lot of videos that are focused on a certain topic.

So I suggest clicking right here to visit his channel. Let’s look at a regimen you can use to develop a physique akin to Andrei.

Exercises by Andrei include:

Cardio And Weightlifting

You must work out your abs and cardio for 45 minutes in the morning if you’re aiming to lose weight. We will exercise with weights in the evening, following the same plan as earlier.

We’ll increase the number of sets and concentrate on making the last set a drop-set. Andrei Deiu typically loses weight in this manner before tournaments.

It will therefore be more of a shredding workout than a bulking routine; if you want to go bulk, keep the set counts in, lower the reps, and leave the drop sets.

If you want to bulk up, make sure you lift large weights while maintaining good form. Lift a weight that you can manage while maintaining proper form and posture instead.

Sets: 4-6

Reps: 12-15

Heart Day

  • Adjustable bench press
  • equipment for incline close-grip chest presses
  • Dumbbell or incline machine flys
  • Dumbbell or machine press for the chest
  • Cross-over apparatus
  • chest dipping

After Day

  • Pullups with a T-bar
  • Smith machine rows with barbells
  • rows of T-bar machines
  • Lat pulldowns with a close grip
  • Rope or cable back squats
  • Deadlifts

On Shoulders Day

  • cable thawing
  • Barbell press made by Smith
  • Lateral lifts while seated
  • shoulder press machine
  • lateral lifts on machines
  • back delt flies

“Arms Day”

  • Overhead triceps press to rope triceps pushdowns
  • Bench triceps dips to close-grip cable curls for the biceps
  • Seated dumbbell biceps curls to dumbbell isolation curls
  • Barbell reverse biceps curls to cable triceps push
  • Curling Preacher Machine
  • Lung Day
  • Extension of one leg to leg curls
  • Weighted squats
  • Leg lift
  • Weighted Lunges
  • Leg curls on a machine to seated calf raises

That concludes the Andrei exercise program.

The Diet Of Andrei Deiu

I watched this footage of Andrei’s diet before Romanian Muscle Fest Pro as he was cutting weights. We shall therefore adhere to that diet, which is one of the harshest in bodybuilding.

Only 1.9k calories are consumed daily by Andrei Deiu, which is far too few for a man of his size.

You can imagine how difficult that is when, on average, he and the majority of bodybuilders competing in Men’s Physique consume almost 5,000 calories every day. So let’s look at Andrei’s diet today.

Included in Andrei’s diet are:

Is vegan Andrei Deiu?

Andrei isn’t a vegan, though.

Meal 1

  • Nine egg whites and one whole egg
  • Spinach
  • Cashew

Meal 2 & 3

  • Cod fillets, 8oz
  • Jasmine rice
  • Asparagus
  • Zucchini

Meal 4

  • Grilled chicken breast, 7oz
  • Spinach

Meal 5

  • Grilled jumbo shrimps, 8oz
  • Asparagus

Meal 6

  • Tilapia, 7oz
  • Nuts
  • Asparagus

That’s all for the Andrei Deiu diet plan.