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There is always a constant and increasing curiosity to know what your favorite stars are having for their major meals of the day. Some people also want to know what they stock up in their fridge. Is it healthy or not? So here are the details from Fridge raider of Closer magazine about Anna Williamson.

Anna Williamson and her food shopping

Reality TV Star and relationships coach, Anna Williamson gave an insight into her daily diet and her fridge stocking. She told Closer magazine that she spends around £80 a week on her food. She orders her grocery online using Ocado delivery.

Additionally, the reality TV Star visits her local farm shops and butcher shops to procure fresh vegetables, bread, meat, cheese, and eggs. She said:

“It’s important to me to support local businesses.”

Anna Williamson
Anna Williamson (Source: Anna Williamson UK)

Anna hates offal and cannot stand it. She revealed:

My mum once tricked me when I was younger into eating a steak and kidney pie, pretending it was steak and mushroom. It made me vomit and I’ve been scarred ever since!”

Anna’s typical breakfast, lunch and dinner

Anna is a busy person. Talking about the first meal of the day, Anna revealed:

“My go-to breakfast is a flat white coffee and free-range scrambled eggs on a piece of toasted granary bread or sourdough. Sometimes I’ll add avocado on the side.”

Anna has a substantial lunch. Talking about it, she disclosed:

“Lunch is usually a good, hearty soup with a fresh chicken sandwich on granary bread, or if I’m at home, I’ll make stir-fry with rice and veg.”

So what is her dinner like? Anna prefers healthy dinner. She said:

“Baked salmon with pesto, rice and roasted tomatoes is a classic dinner in our household.”

Anna Williamson
Anna Williamson’s refrigerator (Source: Closer magazine)

When she accompanied her husband to Sicily to visit his godfather and his family, she was served barbecued tripe and intestines. She did not like it but still ate it because she did not want to be rude and offend his Italian family who loved the dish. She said that it looked more like a sausage.

For cooking, she likes one pot recipes such as Nasi Goreng or Bolognese or a Thai curry. And she loves to make Sunday roast for her family.

Nutritionist’s take on Anna’s diet

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow had this opinion on Anna’s diet:

It’s great that Anna shops locally. She needs to enjoy salami, chorizo and cheese in moderation, though, as these foods are high in saturated fat and salt. For healthier antipasti boards she could add tomatoes, unsalted nuts, grilled veg, rocket, beans or chickpeas drizzled with olive oil. It would also be good to see some more fruit and veg in Anna’s fridge.”

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Anna Williamson
Anna Williamson (Source: Independent ie)

High saturated fats and salt are bad for health. They can cause obesity, metabolic diseases, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, chronic body inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, and early deaths.