Sweet breakfast

There is a long-held belief that one should have a starchy or sweet breakfast in order to get an energy boost at the start of another day. But science has found just the opposite. What effect do these foods have on the body, blood and moods of people?

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Starchy or sweet breakfast and their effects on body

All traditional breakfast recipes have foods that have high carbs and sweets. This is so because there has been a belief since many centuries that eating a starchy and sweet breakfast gives the person an instant energy boost to kickstart the day well. Is it so? Science says just the opposite.

These foods give us instant pleasure and happiness since they cause the release of dopamine in the body. This is a happy hormone that elevates our mood. But at the same time, these after metabolism form glucose. And glucose on absorption spikes the blood sugar.

Sweet breakfast
Sweet breakfast (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Effects of high blood sugar

And when the sugar is high, there is instant energy. But there follows a crash after that. And this crash causes tiredness, fatigue, sleepiness and mood swings. It could settle into a state of chronic fatigue.

The energy slump might imply you reaching out for coffee or biscuit in an attempt to recover from it. And a vicious cycle follows of fatigue, cravings and sugar addiction sooner or later.

The first meal of the day if wrong can cause sugar dysregulation. And this in turn leads to more sugar cravings and a wrong lunch and dinner. The food choices at the other two meals of the day end up to be also sugar elevating foods.  And in short, it becomes an unhealthy diet.

Sweet breakfast
Savory breakfast (Source: Freddie’s food Blog)

And such a diet leads to chronic inflammation, various health diseases and it accelerates the ageing process. It worsens menopausal symptoms and also adversely affects brain function. These types of foods cause a lot of mood swaying and wrong decisions of life.

What is the remedy?

So one wonders what to have for breakfast. The answer is to swap sweets foods for savoury foods at breakfast time. This will stabilize blood sugar and cause lesser cravings for sweet foods. This will cause you to retain energy with no crashes. And lunch and dinner food choices would improve.

And no high blood sugar levels means lessening of the body inflammatory process, and reduction of chronic health conditions. Moreover, the risk of premature ageing would decrease.

Sweet breakfast
Savory breakfast (Source: A couple cooks)

Additionally, a ten minute movements after a meal can similarly help to control blood sugar. And all its aftermath problems would lessen.

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Try to make proteins rich foods the main focus of your breakfast. It will give you fullness feeling and flatten your blood sugar spikes. Fish, Greek yoghurt, tofu, cheese, meat, nuts, nut butter, eggs are recommended at this time. Add fiber rich foods. Eat healthy fats. Starches are okay but no sweets at breakfast. Have a substantial breakfast.

Reference: Daily Mail UK