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A former American model, Annie Bakes. She is arguably most known for being the ex-wife of NBA legend Dennis Rodman. The former lovers had been together for a few years before splitting up. They also welcomed Alexis Rodman as a daughter from their marriage.

Annie Bakes was a model while her husband Dennis is regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Despite her flourishing career, Annie gained international notoriety as a result of her relationship with Dennis.

Today, we’ll delve deeper into the former model and learn about her current activities. We’ll talk about her upbringing, relationships, and more!

Early Life: Annie Bakes As Raised in California

Anicka K. Rodman was born on January 31, 1965, in California. She was raised in Sacramento by her lone parent. Due to the absence of her father and the obesity of her mother, her early years were difficult. She moved frequently as well, which prevented her from making friends.

Annie’s mother used to clean the homes of Annie’s classmates to help make ends meet. It’s safe to say that it wasn’t the idyllic childhood you’d want. Additionally, this caused a gap between Annie and her mother.

There isn’t much information available about the rest of her family, including her siblings and father, other than what is known about her mother.

Annie Bakes
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Annie Bakes Fled Her House and Went on to Become a Model

She didn’t have a fantastic relationship with her mother, as we have mentioned. She suffered from severe self-insecurity and was abused all through her young life. She, therefore, desired to leave her family and begin a new life.

Annie eventually decided to leave her home at the age of 16 to pursue a career in modeling. Fortunately, her plans came to fruition, and Annie started modeling at a young age.

She initially worked several part-time jobs before moving up the industry ladder.

Brief Career of Annie

The stunning model quickly rose to fame after breaking into the business. She initially worked with print advertisements. She additionally posed for several lingerie and swimwear companies. In addition to all of the above, Annie also dabbled in adult modeling. Despite her best efforts, she was barely getting by because there wasn’t enough money. Then she decided to work in clubs as well.

Unfortunately, an accident that left her with scars all over her body caused her modeling career to stop abruptly. Later, when Annie began dating Rodman, she no longer needed to worry because he was supporting the family.

A Look at The Relationship Between Dennis Rodman and Annie Bakes

The couple first got together in 1986. Following that, they began having more frequent encounters and fell in love. The two had been sharing a home by the year 1987. Dennis was playing for the Detroit Piston at the time, so it was only logical that he brought his fiancée to the city as well.

Rodman proposed to her a year after they shared a home. Dennis didn’t think much about the choice because he is a pretty straightforward person, but he was in love. After Annie gave birth to Alexis Rodman, their only child, in September 1988, their bond grew stronger.

The two continued to have a nice time. Additionally, Dennis purchased a piece of property in Oklahoma where he intended to build a home for himself, his daughter Alexis, and then-fiancée Annie.

Additionally, after dating for a few years, the couple decided to get married on September 28, 1992, to formalize their relationship.

Annie Bakes
Annie Bakes (Pinterest)

Dennis and Annie’s Union Wasn’t Without its Challenges

Although on the surface their relationship appeared to be going great, a lot was going on behind closed doors. They eventually divorced, and the following year, in 1992, their marriage came to an end. We later learned what ended the marriage; at the time, the precise reason for their divorce was given as irreconcilable disagreements.

Annie confessed that her seven-year marriage to Dennis was a living hell some years after the divorce. She reportedly fell pregnant seven times during their relationship, of which four times she had an abortion, two times she miscarried, and one time she gave birth to a kid.

Annie added that Dennis exposed her to a variety of illnesses, such as body lice, chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhea. She added that there had been some violence in their relationship as well.

In Her Memoir, Annie Bakes Writes About her Relationship With Dennis

Their NBA career of Dennis had only begun when her connection with him came to an end. He went on to win three more NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls after 1992. The scandal involving Rodman and his ex-wife started to surface as he rose to fame.

Annie decided to pen a book in which she detailed their connection in great detail. She agreed to a six-figure publishing agreement with Dove Books in 2005 to release the book Worse Than He Says He Is. A direct answer to Dennis’s book, Bad as I Wanna Be, was the book.

What is Annie Bakes Doing Now?

Annie is currently residing in California. Numerous tabloids report Annie is currently married to a police officer, but none of them can substantiate this. She did, however, have a relationship with a man back in 2011.

In addition, Annie stated on her Facebook page that she works for PETA, leading us to believe that she does.

Dennis, her husband, is currently living a retired lifestyle. He is not currently married and is single.