Ashley Lockaby
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Who is Ashley Lockaby?

Women’s physique competitor Ashley Lockaby, commonly known as “lockabeast mode,” is American.

Her involvement in gymnastics and dancing as a child, when she was 4 years old, was the beginning of her fitness adventure.

Short Career of Ashley Lockaby

Later on, Ashley Lockaby decided to stop competing in gymnastics. Instead, she started cheerleading and continued it throughout her time in high school.

Ashley quickly established herself as a well-known cheerleader, winning the state championship while also serving as the cheerleading team’s strength and conditioning coach.

Ashley suffered a broken foot just as things were starting to seem promising, forcing her to sit out for a while. Ashley’s cheering career consequently came to an abrupt end.

Ashley was determined to be active during her recuperation, even if she needed crutches. She then went to the weight gym to develop a fantastic physique.

As her fitness career developed, she soon made a full recovery and went on to become a certified personal trainer and sponsored athlete.

Here is her account:

Body Measurements of Ashley Lockaby

Full Name: Ashley Lockaby
HEIGHT: 5’4″ (162.5cm)
WEIGHT: 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
PROFESSION: Certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Physique Competitor, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2010


Ashley Lockaby

Career Accomplishments

  • personal trainer certified
  • Female Physique Contestant
  • Featured Athlete

Competition Outcomes


  • NPC Powerhouse Classic: Fitness – 1st place, Women’s Physique – 1st place


  • NPC Universe Championships: Fitness Class B – 8th place
  • NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Championships: Fitness – 1st place


  • NPC National Fitness Championships: Fitness Class B – 2nd place
  • NPC Cutler Classic: Fitness – 1st place


  • Figure OCB Yankee Classic – 2nd place


From A Young Age, An Athlete

Ashley Lockaby started participating in sports at the age of four, and throughout her childhood, her main passions were gymnastics and dancing.

Ashley decided to give up dance and gymnastics once she entered high school. She decided to join the cheerleading squad instead.

Ashley established herself as a cheerleader quite fast after joining the varsity squad and winning the State Championships in her first year.

While in college, Ashley kept up her cheerleading. She joined a nationally recognized cheerleading squad at this time and was also hired as the team’s strength and conditioning coach.

Ashley realized at this point that fitness was her passion. According to Ashley, “I discovered an enormous enthusiasm for fitness and could not wait to share it after working in this role and learning in my classes.

Nothing came close to my newly discovered motivation and enthusiasm for the fitness industry.

Foot Damage

Ashley’s high school and college athletic careers got off to a fast start, but when she broke her foot and had to use crutches for a whole season, her cheerleading days came to an abrupt halt.

Ashley was sad, but she was determined that her sporting aspirations would not be dashed.

She then turned to the weight room, which provided her with the chance to continue living an active lifestyle. As Ashley puts it

“I injured my foot while competing at our first competition of the year, which forced me to use crutches the remainder of the time. I was initially utterly upset.

But I soon understood that I could not allow this to hold me back. This gave me the push I needed to start everyday weight lifting in the gym while using crutches.

Even though she was using crutches, Ashley started to experiment with various exercise and eating regimens throughout this time. Let’s just say, in her own words, “I learned a lot and became quite creative when coming up with routines!”

Increasing Her Knowledge Of Fitness

Ashley quickly fell in love with working out in the gym and realized she was interested in learning more about fitness and wellness. At this point, she went to a workshop to earn her certification in personal training.

Ashley was able to fully recover from her broken foot quite quickly.

Along with working out in the gym to achieve her fitness objectives, she started writing training and nutrition plans for her friends and family when she started her training job.

After a short while, Ashley realized she was making a difference in other people’s lives by inspiring them to reach their fitness goals and laying the groundwork for her impressive physique.

How To Compete In Fitness Events

Ashley quickly sought to advance her fitness profession as a result of her progress in the gym. Ashley set her eyes on becoming a bikini contender to do that.

Under her direction, she started getting ready for her first competition in 2013, the 2013 OCB Yankee Classic. Ashley had a passion for achievement after coming in second place and was keen to improve on her stellar performance.

After that, Ashley competed in the 2014 NPC Cutler Classic and the 2014 NPC National Fitness Championships, placing first and second, respectively.

Ashley finished first in the fitness and women’s physique categories at the 2016 NPC Powerhouse Classic later in her competitive bikini career, moving her one step closer to IFBB Pro accreditation, which was her ultimate objective.


Strengthening The Body

Ashley works out in the gym at least 5–6 days a week to be in top shape all year round. She enjoys regularly challenging her body and shocking the system. As a result, Ashley is less likely to experience a plateau in her gym training. As she put it:

“The exercises I design raise my heart rate and make me sweat like never before. I adore thinking that I’m pushing my body to the limit and using my shortcomings as strengths.

Preferred Muscle Group

Ashley claims that her favorite body part is her legs. She concentrates on this muscle region and uses a range of training techniques to quickly gain lean muscle.

Here is Ashley expressing her enthusiasm for strengthening her legs:

I work on my legs with circuits and plyometrics. Even though this is my most difficult body area to train, I adore how I feel after I do.


Ashley Lockaby

Ashley has never been a huge fan of cardio. She would rather concentrate on strength training. I’ve never been one to enjoy exercise, and I almost always prefer to lift whenever I can, as Ashley puts it.

Despite this, Ashley uses a treadmill to warm up, raising her heart rate in preparation for strenuous lifting. She also does HIIT cardio several times a week to maintain a trim physique.

Ashley increases steady-state cardio as her contests get closer, while also reducing her carbohydrate intake, which promotes fat loss.


Adaptable Diet

Before her first competition, Ashley tried “clean eating,” but she discovered that this nutritional approach left her continually craving bad things. As Ashley puts it

“I created a tight routine for myself where I would consume the same meals every day, which many people refer to as a “bodybuilder diet.”

VERY regularly, I was consuming chicken, fish, egg whites, asparagus, and sweet potatoes. However, following my first tournament, I merely missed so many foods that I indulged a little too much.

Ashley has been following an IIFYM diet ever since she realized that this is the nutrition strategy that works best for her body.

As long as she adheres to her macronutrient targets, she can eat a wider variety of meals thanks to this. Ashley keeps track of her daily calorie intake to maintain her diet.

Influences And Idols

Ashley has a lot of respect for her fellow bodybuilding competitors’ dedication and drive.

Ashley admires Chady Dunmore because of the way she has persevered and worked hard to succeed as a bikini competitor throughout her career. Ashley herself says:

“I have a lot of respect for all professional natural bodybuilders.

It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and determination for any athlete to achieve the goal of competing and having the self-control to reach the professional level. It touches almost every area of your life and challenges your body and mind in ways few others can.

What Ashley Lockaby Can teach Us?

Under her direction, Ashley Lockaby achieved success in the bodybuilding scene.

She has throughout the years acquired a self-motivated desire to maintain her excellent physique while also assisting others in her training career in achieving their fitness goals.

What we can take away from Ashley is that she was able to reach her fitness potential by persevering and remaining driven. One day, if you adopt Ashley’s mentality, you might just surpass her excellence. Ashley explains:

Never underestimate your capacity to change. Anything you set your mind to, you can achieve. You will never lose heart if you stick with a cause and find something you genuinely enjoy.

Simply take each day as it comes and take steps every day to move closer to your goals, advised Ashley Lockaby.