Easy three-day reset

Good health in 3 days! Sounds impossible! But dietitian Leanne Ward from Brisbane has shared on how to reset your health in a matter of three days only. Here is her easy three-day reset plan.

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Health in modern life

Modern life in both rural and urban areas of the world is full of stress. There are a lot of problems and to add on is the issue of pollution and climate change effects. All of these contribute to poor health. And this results in a number of chronic diseases and premature aging and early deaths. The corona pandemic and ongoing Russian-Ukraine war has added to the woes.

Easy three-day reset
Leanne Ward (Source: Coach Nine)

And the New Year hard partying might also have given you reasons to feel fatigued and tired. Dietitian Leanne Ward who hails from Brisbane in Australia has shared her ways to reset your health back to goodness in just 3 days. She adds that there is no reason to diet for it. What is her easy three-day reset plan?

Leanne’s easy three-day reset plan

Leanne has some great and effective simple methods that can help you reset your body in a few days. She asserted that her plan can help the body, mind and gut to normalize soon. It will get to a much better place in a few days and easily.

On her Instagram, Leanne wrote:

Let’s ditch restrictive diets and focus on sustainable habits,’

‘Here’s how you can reset your body in just three days the healthy way.’

Easy three-day reset
Leanne Ward (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Leanne revealed that on day one, you should do exercise for 20 minutes. This can take the form of a jog, brisk walk or a swim. On the same day, you should visit the grocery and purchase healthy foods. And cook at least two meals at home. And retire to bed early.

Home cooking fresh foods are healthier. And adequate and good sleep ensures that you do not make unhealthy choices due to sleep deprivation. Moreover, your appetite and calories intake will not be more with adequate sleep.

Day 2 and 3

Leanne added that on day 2, one should start the day with meditation. Moreover, water should be the main focus of day two. Have 2 to 3 liters of water daily. Leanne said:

Add in some more vegetables to what you’re eating today and allow yourself a small treat at some stage,’

Replace meat with vegetables. And instead of pasta have zucchini or sweet potato noodles.

On day three, you have to exercise for 30 minutes. Make a meal preparation for a week. And do some goal setting. She added:

Turn off your screens an hour before bed,’

Easy three-day reset
Leanne Ward (Source: Daily Mail UK)

This is because blue light can interfere with melatonin production that is useful for relaxing sleep.

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Earlier, Leanne had stressed that for weight loss, one need not restrict foods. Instead they should eat healthily. In the main meal, one can have a high fibre carbohydrate food, with a lean protein, a healthy fat, three or more colourful vegetables and a small treat to finish. The person can enjoy this meal and yet lose or maintain weight. She said:

If the thought of doing something to help you lose weight makes you cringe.. stop!’