BBQ time is one that people wait for. It brings in joy and delight for everyone. People are so fond of it that they put every food item on the grill of the barbecue.

But did you know that there are certain foods that should not be barbecued? Which are these?

BBQ and fun

BBQ season is in. Who does not enjoy it? Children, young, elderly, old are all fond of it. They wait eagerly for it. It is a time of social gathering and get-together. It brings smile on the faces and delight in the hearts.

And it is a time of happiness. The barbecue can be gas-operated or using charcoal or propane. Burgers, hot dogs, cheese balls, and such items are best eaten barbecued.

But there are some food items that should not go into the barbecue.

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1. Flaky fish: not for BBQ

Everyone enjoys grilled fish. But there is one type of fish that should not be barbecued. This is flaky fish. Explaining on it, a former professional chef Joonas Jokiniemi said:

Dry and flaky fish are not good for grilling. They are very delicate and easily stick to the grill grates and fall apart. In addition, they usually end up being dry and tasteless when grilled.”

Another chef, Hank Shaw elaborates further:

Fish is so delicate that you need the skin to hold things together – if you lose that, the meat flakes apart and will fall through the grill grates.”

Fattier and more oily fish are okay for grilling.

2. Brisket

This is a dense cut from the chest and pectorals of a cow. It should be cooked slow. This gives the tissue time to break down and release its juices.

If it is cooked on a grill, it gets a tough texture and becomes unsuitable to eat. Hence avoid cooking brisket on a grill.

3. Peeled shrimp

Shrimps that are grilled should have their peels on. If you peel them, they dry up easily on the grill. They could get overcooked without the peel. Therefore if you have peeled a shrimp do not barbecue it.

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4. Scallops

Scallops also cook very fast on the grill. Hence they are better pan-seared. Nathan Voorhees from Lexington, Kentucky warns:

They [scallops] are such a lean protein and cook so quickly. They tend to dry out on the grill, potentially ruining a beautiful ingredient.”

5. Tofu

This meat free plant based alternative is not suitable for the grill. Josh Healy, chef from Dallas adds:

“I see a lot of people try to grill tofu, but it falls apart and doesn’t turn out great,”

6. Green leafy vegetables

These do not come out well on the barbecue. Brian Jupiter, chef from Chicago explains:

If your grill is not ripping hot, the greens will wilt. In addition, you risk the greens falling through the grill grates,”

7. Melty cheese

Any cheese that tends to melt easily is bad on the BBQ. Morgan Bolling, cooking expert says:

Cheeses that melt aren’t great for grilling, like halloumi or an aged provolone. But if it’s a melting cheese, it will melt right through the grill grates.”

8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are juicy but they fall apart on the grill and dry up soon. This will also cause a mess around and in the grill.

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9. Bacon and pork chops

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The bacon on the grill can start a fire due to its high grease content. Additionally, this will burn the bacon piece and ruin its taste. On the other hand, pork chops are lean meat. Therefore, they dry up on the grill. Jakob Esko, chef of Gaylord Hotels says:

Contrary to popular belief, pork chops are not great on the grill because they have a lower fat content than the pork shoulder. Therefore, they can easily dry out,”