Beaa Allo
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Who is Beaa Allo?

Spanish CrossFit coach and bikini competitor Beaa Allo. She changed from being a regular cigarette and alcohol smoker to a rising fitness icon.

Short Career of Beaa Allo

Beaa Allo was an enthusiastic student growing up and was born in Pamplona, Spain. She was so captivated by exploring new places that she decided to enroll in the Erasmus program and study abroad while doing so.

Beaa put on extra weight throughout this time, which is when. She gained more than 5 kg as a result of eating pizza nearly every day and partying on the weekends. Her health subsequently started to decline as a result.

Beaa knew her unhealthy habits had gotten out of hand by the time she got back to Spain.

She embarked on a weightlifting journey with the assistance of a close friend who is also an expert in CrossFit, and since then, both her life and her physical appearance have changed.

Body Measurements of Beaa Allo

Full Name: Beaa Allo 
DATE OF BIRTH: 7 October 1992
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: CrossFit Trainer and Fitness Model
AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 5’5″ (165cm)
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)

Beaa Allo


  • Trainer CFT L1
  • Bikini Fitness Athlete
  • Ninja Warrior Spain Competitor
  • Weightlifting Competitor

“When I first began practicing CrossFit, I initially kept up with my fitness mindset, my “obsession” with my physique, and my “mental discipline. Later, though, I understood that the key is to be content with your progress, no matter how slow it may be, rather than aiming to be flawless.


Gaining Weight in College

Beaa Allo currently resides in Tarragona but is originally from Pamplona, Spain. She graduated from the Public University of Navarra with a degree in human resources.

Beaa Allo enjoyed studying abroad as an Erasmus student while she was in school. After spending months studying, Beaa realized she had put on 5 kg when she finally returned to Spain.

This was a result of the unhealthy lifestyle she had followed while studying abroad on an Erasmus program, which included frequent consumption of junk food, cigarette smoking, and alcohol.

CrossFit for Getting Fit

Beaa made a drastic transformation after realizing what she had done to her physique and health.

She contacted a friend who was interested in CrossFit and requested some guidance. In the coming weeks, Beaa’s friend taught her the fundamentals of weightlifting and a balanced diet.

Then, in 2016, Beaa met Daniel, who would later become her partner and who had also assisted her in her CrossFit adventure. Beaa claims that “he has improved my life.”

Beaa shed her excess weight and improved her health in just a few months.

This motivated her to train as a CrossFit coach to assist others in enhancing their health. Since then, she has continued to act in this manner.

Beaa’s Life Right Now

Beaa enjoys cooking nutritious meals for herself and loves animals in addition to CrossFit.

She like ice cream and pizza, so she prepares her versions of these dishes using healthy ingredients. She can eat healthily with this strategy while still enjoying her food.

Beaa’s fans are in awe of her method of training and nutrition, and more and more of them are joining her online community.


CrossFit was where Beaa began her metamorphosis; over time, it became her passion.

She had always been a “thin” girl, but during her time as an Erasmus student, she put on belly fat, giving her the famed “skinny-fat” look.

Because of this, Beaa was incredibly frustrated and unsure of what to do. To put on weight or take it off? she would ponder.

After giving it a lot of thought, Beaa decided on a rigorous and strenuous lifting regimen that would enable her to simultaneously burn fat and build lean muscle.

The strategy ultimately worked since Beaa quickly developed a slim and attractive body.

Getting Ready for CrossFit

Beaa Allo will train twice daily using WODs, much like any great CrossFit competitor (aka, workouts of the day).

This comprises a variety of training techniques such as weightlifting, calisthenics, powerlifting, and endurance training. An example of a typical WOD is shown below.

Example WOD

Beaa’s WOD workouts can have a range of styles, lengths, movements, and reps. The name AMRAS will be used as a typical example. As Many Rounds As Possible is what this signifies. She will perform exercises with predetermined time limits and repetitions, such as:

  • Box Jumps x5
  • Jumping Squats x10
  • Rope Climbs x2
  • Handstands x3
  • Skipping Rope x20

Beaa will perform these exercises as many times as she can in 15-20 minutes while adhering to the AMRAS principles.

Training in Strength

Beaa spent countless hours doing weightlifting, endurance exercises, and WODs to develop her muscular physique.

For a CrossFit athlete like her, the standard exercises include front squats, deadlifts, snatch, push presses, clean-and-jerks, and a variety of Olympic lifts. As a result, the body develops into one that is not only powerful but also practical and physically fit.

Beaa Allo


Beaa typically wakes up at 4:45 AM, has breakfast, and then goes to the gym. She makes her lunch in advance and brings it to work in a Tupperware container.

The following foods are among those that Beaa consumes:

  • Integral Pasta
  • Salads
  • Poached Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Quinoa, Brown Rice, and Sweet Potatoes (main carb sources)
  • Homemade pizza
  • Tuna

Demands for energy in CrossFit

Due to her rapid metabolism and rigorous CrossFit training, Beaa can occasionally struggle to consume all the calories she requires. However, she can burn calories quite well.

She will concentrate on consuming lots of protein and carbohydrates as a result. Her muscles will be able to handle the demands of such an active lifestyle thanks to this.

Beaa’s diet will consist of sweet potatoes, pasta, rice, a lot of kale and broccoli, healthy fats, and the foods listed above. Every three hours, she’ll try to feed. In addition to these meals, Beaa may also consume daily protein shakes, eggs, chicken, and beef.

Stack of Supplements

Beaa takes a few vitamins to help her maintain her way of life.

She places whey protein at the top of her list since it rebuilds her muscles and makes sure she consumes enough of this essential macronutrient each day.

She might also take casein protein, which is better taken before bed because it releases into the body more gradually. Contrarily, glutamine aids Beaa in repairing her muscles after challenging WOD sessions.

Last but certainly not least are the BCAAs she consumes to refuel throughout the exercise.

Beaa occasionally might take an electrolyte supplement, giving her access to nutrients like potassium and magnesium.

Influences and Idols

Setting new difficulties and then conquering them have motivated Beaa to be fit ever since she first started. She is motivated and gets inspiration from pushing herself to the edge to see how far she can go.

Hearing about other people’s transformations and how they conquered their obstacles inspires Beaa as well.

Bella frequently gets social media messages from followers who thank her for motivating them to exercise by sharing about the workout they just accomplished.

What Beaa Allo can teach us?

Beaa has provided hundreds of ambitious athletes who follow her on social media with a standard by setting an example.

She aims to motivate others to take charge of their health and lives by using inspirational quotations, workout photos, and dieting advice.

Perseverance and dedication are possibly the two most significant qualities Beaa has demonstrated for us. There is no challenge you can’t overcome if you have these two virtues on your side.