Bizarre food combinations

Traditionally, we tend to eat food combinations that have been passed on to us through generations.

Certain foods go well with each other and hence are preferred in that combination. While some food combinations cause harm when consumed together and hence one does not take them.

And food combinations that fall outside the typical combos of foods are weird and amusing. Let us note the bizarre food combinations of some of our celebrities.

Hollywood celebrities and their bizarre food combinations

People follow conventional things in daily food, wear, and behavior. As regards foods, we also have that weirdness in us that is characteristic of each and every individual. Similarly Hollywood celebrities also have some weird tastes and likes. This includes bizarre food combinations.

1. Channing Tatum and his bizarre food combinations

The famed actor Channing Tatum loves sandwiches. But his perfect sandwich is different from that if the conventional ones. He likes it to be with peanut butter, jelly and Cheetos in it.

Bizarre food combinations
Bizarre food combination of Wendy Williams (Source: US magazine)

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2. Adrienne Bailon

Star Adrienne Bailon loves sandwiches it must be with a fruity flavor. Hence she adds fruit punch to her tuna salad. This she places in between two slices of bread.

And before consuming this, she prefers to dip it into more fruit punch to acquire that extra sweetness that she likes.

The singer also loves white rice that is covered with peanut butter and likes to have banana cut slices in her cheese quesadillas. Praising it, she said:

“You have to have an open heart and an open mind for this one,”

3. Selena Gomez

The singer Selena Gomez had revealed to host Jimmy Fallon in 2010 on his show that she likes popcorn that is salted and with Tabasco sauce on it.

She dips it into a pickle juice before relishing it. Jimmy was unsure of tasting it. But later after he had tasted this food combo of Selena, he called it phenomenal and it became his favorite popcorn type.

Selena doubted his approval of it to which Jimmy replied:

I swear!”

“I really like it a lot. It’s fantastic.”

Selena also uses pickle juice on top of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Selena had once tweeted in 2009:

Apparently the things I snack on are very abnormal,”

“I think not. Reese’s [Peanut Butter Cups] and pickles are my favorite together. They just work for many reason [sic] than one.”

Bizarre food combinations
Cardio B ate this abnormal food combo when hungry one night (Source: US magazine)

4. Wendy Williams

This TV host also has her weird food combo which is mussels in tomato sauce along with watermelon slices. She had posted a photo of this on her Instagram in August 2020 and wrote below:

For years this is my typical Sunday,”

“Breakfast & @gstephanopoulos. What’s your typical Sunday? #sundayfunday #sundayvibes #sundaymornings.”

5. Cardi B

This singer also has some weird food habits. In May 2020, she wrote on her social media that she once had Hot Cheetos, which she had dipped in nacho cheese and had it with a glass of red wine.

6. Katie Lee

Bizarre food combinations
Katie Lee and her weird food combo (Source: US magazine)

This Food Network star also has her weird liking during her pregnancy. In May 2020, she had revealed:

“The other day I made a sandwich with mayonnaise and sweet pickles and that was it, and it was strangely delicious,”