Brandon Beckrich
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Who Is Brandon Beckrich?

From Chicago, Illinois, USA, Brandon Beckrich is a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer.

Brandon didn’t envision himself as a bodybuilder when he was younger. Ironically, he only began working out in the gym to raise his athletic performance in high school.

However, Brandon’s obsession with weightlifting grew as he put in more effort. This, along with some support from his close friends, encouraged him to decide to enter the world of competitive bodybuilding.

Since then, Brandon has participated in other shows and has had success doing so. He is currently regarded as a personal trainer with an exceptional resume in addition to being an accomplished athlete.

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Don’t let other people dictate how your life should go, and control your emotions rather than your brain.

Body Measurements Of Brandon Beckrich 

Full Name: Brandon Beckrich
HEIGHT: 5’11” (180cm)
WEIGHT: 275 – 285lbs (124.7kg – 129.3kg)
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder, Online Coach
ERA: 2010


Bodybuilding Contests


  • Super Heavyweight IFBB North American Championships (16th)


  • Super Heavyweight National Championships of the NPC (12th)


  • Super Heavyweight National Championships of the NPC (16th)


  • Super Heavyweight NPC Jr. Nationals (2nd)


  • Super Heavyweight Junior Nationals (7th)
  • Super Heavyweight, The Atlantic States (2nd)


  • Super Heavyweight IFBB North American Championships (13th)


  • Heavyweight National Bodybuilding Championships (N/A)
  • Amateur heavyweight Arnold (13rd)

Brandon Beckrich seems shredded in two distinct photos while striking the back lat spread and back double biceps poses.

“Be grateful every day of the year, not just on one day. Even though we are conscious of what we have, we all tend to take things for granted. Be mindful of your resources. The chances are offered both within and outside the gym, as well as having the resources to meet the challenges.

First Competitions, Weightlifting Brandon Beckrich

In Lowell, Indiana, Brandon Beckrich was born and reared. He began weightlifting to raise his level of athletic performance in high school.

However, Brandon soon discovered that he preferred his gym workouts to actual athletic competitions. He soon switched completely to bodybuilding and started competing.

Brandon, who was only 19 years old, joined his first-ever competition. He finished second in the open light-heavyweight division and first in the Teen overall division. Brandon claims that after that, he developed a competitive itch.

“Since I took a year off before beginning college, my main activities were working out and lifting weights. The competition was mentioned by someone. That was an idea I had never considered, and it gave me something to aim for. I had no idea how quickly my life would change.

Online Trainer, Coach, And Nutritionist, (Workout)Brandon Beckrich

Brandon competed in more than nine bodybuilding competitions over the years, developing a solid reputation in the business.

These days, Brandon works as a nutritionist, personal trainer, and online instructor when he isn’t competing. He uses his many years of expertise to assist others in building their strongest bodies.

Extreme Intensity, (Exercise)

Brandon Beckrich takes a meticulous approach to training. He is meticulous about every tiny aspect of his workouts, down to the duration of each repetition in his activity.

Additionally, Brandon places a high value on his form, making sure to perform exercises either properly or not at all. He claims, “My training has always been more thorough, focusing on form and technique with a purpose behind everything I do.”

Brandon Beckrich enjoys training in the manner of traditional bodybuilders, which is tough and involves a significant workload.

“I love volume with harder workloads, utilizing various intensifiers to further degrade the muscle and fill it with as much blood as possible,” he said. I work out frequently and intensely, becoming well-known for my distinctive methods. Bryan Beckrich

Nutrition, (Fitness)

For Brandon, eating is the cornerstone of attaining any fitness objective. Whether that entails enhancing muscular growth, fat loss, or healing. He likes to say, “You’re a product of your diet.”

Brandon enjoys eating large portions because of his moniker, “Big B.” He needs a lot of calories to fuel his massive 5’11”, 280+ pound physique.

Brandon won’t, however, eat anything to consume calories. He still keeps an eye on his macros, making sure that the majority of his calories come from lean protein for muscle, complex carbs, and healthy fats.

Three supplements are the main ones Brandon takes:

  • Pure Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • Supplemental electrolyte mixture (to stay hydrated)

“Taking care of your digestive system involves more than just taking a probiotic and digestive enzyme. Your body is attempting to communicate with you if you experience bloating, gas, or stomach pain.

High amounts of glutamine, between 50 and 60 grams per day, are [a] couple [of] things I’ve done that have much help. Additionally, eating fermented foods significantly improves your gut microbiota.

Influences And Idols, (Exercise)

Flex Wheeler, Kevin Levrone, and Dorian Yates were three individuals who influenced Brandon while he was just getting started.

Brandon claims that Dorian’s strict training regimen and his attractive and muscular figure are what first drew him to him.

Jay Cutler is another individual cited by Brandon as an influence. When Dorian was passing Jay at an Arnold Classic competition, Jay urged him to have a quick talk. Jay not only stopped to visit with Brandon but also gave him encouragement for his bodybuilding endeavors.

Jay was cool to me and was quite encouraging, in Brandon’s own words. Being handled so well by one of the best pro bodybuilders alive meant a lot to a young guy like me.

What Brandon Beckrich Can Teach Us

From a young age, Brandon Bekcrich wanted to be a successful athlete, but he never imagined being a bodybuilder. At first, he merely worked out at the gym to enhance his high school athletic abilities.

But as it turned out, bodybuilding took on a lot bigger significance than he had anticipated. Brandon has become a successful athlete, personal trainer, and influence for many of his fans via dedication and hard work.

If there is anything to learn from Brandon’s narrative, it is that you should be open to taking advantage of new chances.

When Brandon initially started going to the gym, he recognized the possibility of bodybuilding. He seized the chance and hasn’t let go since, making great strides in his journey.