Breanna Yde
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Actress Breanna Yde is best recognized for her work on the Netflix original series Malibu Rescue as well as the Nickelodeon programs School Of Rocks and The Haunted Hathaways.

Many of her followers also adore her for having an extraordinarily lean, toned body, so if you want to learn the Breanna Yde diet and exercise routine’s secret, keep reading.

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Breanna Yde Physical stats

Height 5 ft 4 inch
Weight 45 kg
Age 17 years
Breast 28 inch
Waist 22 inch
Hips 29 inch

Breanna Yde Exercise Program

Breanna Yde plays a lifeguard who works hard to save people, and she also appears to be extremely healthy and fit. She must thus be exercising, for sure.

I’m sorry to crush your fantasy, but Breanna doesn’t do this very often. Breanna lacks athletic experience and doesn’t exercise frequently because she doesn’t need to because she is only 17 and has a very high metabolism.

She must attend numerous swimming lessons to stay in shape, right? Well, not exactly in 2019. After Malibu Rescue was released, she went to a Build Series interview, where they questioned her about her favorite workouts and asked if she had a training schedule or regimen. Breanna responded, “No, there wasn’t,” to that.

Breanna claimed that despite the lack of a routine, she chose to go swimming every day to improve her job.

However, after two weeks, she stopped because she was unable to continue. Therefore, Breanna doesn’t have a set daily swimming routine to keep her in condition.


Breanna Yde’s exercises consist of:

Breanna Yde

Bodyweight Exercises

But what about that? We recently watched a video of all the Malibu Stars working out together while they were under quarantine. The primary four actors in the video may indeed all be seen exercising together while performing at-home workouts.

Ricardo Hurtado, who plays Tyler, conducted the exercise session, and the other four cast members—Alkoya Brunson, Jackie Jacobson, Abby Donnelly, and Breanna Yde—joined him.

Breanna declared at the beginning of the workout, “I’m as ready as I will ever be.” When she finished the third exercise of the session, that confidence quickly shifted. After the third workout, Breanna remarked I was already exhausted.

As a result, it is clear that Breanna is not used to exercising in any way, not even bodyweight exercises, or perhaps she does but not consistently. Who knows why she wasn’t used to it in the first place?

There are a total of five exercises in the workout; click here to view the video for instructions on how to do each one. The cast members engaged in the following activities:

  • Pushups with diamonds (CPR press)
  • supplementary leg reach (Lifeguard reach)
  • Burpees in a surf position (Surfer pop-up)
  • Clark Kent holds (Dolphin Dive)
  • Jumpy kicks (Scuba kicks)

The Breanna Yde exercise program comes to an end here.

Diet plan for Breanna Yde

I did mention that she tweeted about staying in and eating vegan snacks, but I was unable to uncover any information regarding her diet plan.

But if I’m not mistaken, she is not a vegan; I’m not sure if that changed recently. Any claim that she was vegan was untrue, therefore it’s possible that she likes to consume fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods as part of her diet.

Given that she is just 17 years old and does not need to diet significantly, I assume that simply avoiding some unhealthy behaviors will be sufficient for her to maintain a healthy weight.

Additionally, you should develop a good habit of consuming a lot of water each day.

That concludes the Breanna Yde diet strategy.