Brick Stowell
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Professional photographer Brick Stowell specializes in shooting images of hip-hop performers. However, he is best known as the ex-boyfriend of The Walking Dead actress Alanna Materson from the popular AMC horror drama series.

Since the AMC program’s fourth season in 2013, Stowell’s ex-partner Alanna, with whom Brick Stowell shares a kid, has played Tara Chambler. Jordan Masterson, who plays Jordan Masterson on Last Man Standing, is also related to his ex-partner Masterson. She is also a half-sister of the actor’s Will Masterson, Danny Masterson, and Christopher Masterson.

After dating for almost ten years, Brick and the aforementioned actresses split up in the late 2010s. However, what makes their split noteworthy is how little was said about it practically. What had happened to Alanna’s ex-boyfriend or even his continued affairs was mysterious enough. Please note the following headings.

Details of Brick Stowell’s Birth and Parents

Brick is said to have been born in Marin County, California, a rich enclave located over the Golden Bridge, even though the numbers to his birthdate are still a complete mystery.

His mother taught preschool, while his father was a financial advisor. The man with the flat brim cap supposedly went camping frequently in Marin County throughout his teenage years. But at age 17, he would go to Los Angeles and left the area.

Brick Stowell
Brick Stowell (Pinterest)

Odd Future’s Former Tour Manager was Brick Stowell

Brick frequently traveled with rapper Tyler, the Creator while he was dating Alanna, who was once revealed to be a photographer.

According to reports, Stowell is also the founder of the erstwhile musical group Odd Future and the tour manager for singer Bastard. Along with these musicians, the ensemble also includes Left Brain, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean.

The Californian used to oversee not only individual shows but also the whole Odd Future touring division before the group stopped going on tour in February 2019.

The late Pittsburgh rapper and record producer Mac Miller was also captured in many photographs by the son of a financial advisor, who is currently thought to be in his mid-30s.

His photography portfolio also contains images he took for The Hundreds Magazine, Issue 4, which was published in March 2011. He captured the skills of former Playboy model Holly Madison and television personality, actress, dancer, and showgirl Angel Porrino for the cover.

Alanna Masterson Was a Girlfriend of Brick Stowell’s Previously

There are a few sources that go beyond merely chronicling the former romance between Masterson and Stowell. Only a few publications, though, have specified the precise day when the pair began dating.

And it comes out that they started dating in the late 2000s, maybe around 2007. Alanna Masterson and her then-boyfriend Stowell would announce the birth of their first child in July 2014.

First to break the news was Stowell’s ex-girlfriend, actress Masterson, who posted a picture of her growing baby bulge on Instagram. She stated in the caption,

What’s up, @brickstowell?

Before the big reveal, Alanna had been carefully hiding the increasing bump in her red carpets and other behind-the-scenes photos. Shortly after, Stowell also posted a selfie with Masterson on his now-deleted Instagram, stating, “Baby Season.”

In actuality, the couple mostly concealed their pregnancy at the time. Masterson tried her hardest on a few instances to keep her bump out of the picture.

Alanna, Brick’s Ex-girlfriend, and He Were Parents to a Child

The former couple gave birth to their first child, a daughter they called Marlowe, sixteen months after they split up. Masterson and Stowell once more announced the birth of their child on Instagram.

This time, the Walking Dead actress posted a picture of the couple kissing and said, “We did it!

To prove his case, Stowell tweeted a photo of his infant daughter’s foot in his palm along with emojis for a man, a lady, and a young girl.

However, the Instagram post of the New York-born celebrity kissing has now been removed. The ex-couple named their daughter Christopher “Kit” Marlowe, a well-known Elizabethan playwright and poet, even though they never explained the unique moniker.

As a result, Sienna Miller, a fellow star, gave the playwright’s name Marlowe to her baby.

Once, Alanna Claimed That Brick Was Their Daughter’s Best Father

In a February 2016 interview with Hello Magazine, Stowell’s ex-girlfriend briefly discussed how they had been adjusting to their new baby.

The 33-year-old actress responded when asked if she and Brick have experienced many restless nights since becoming parents,

“We work well as a team. He is the world’s greatest father. He’ll handle days, I’ll do nights.

She continued by saying that having experienced an actor’s routine had better prepared her for the lack of sleep. Masterson continued by describing how her ex-photographic boyfriend’s business and travel schedule prevented him from getting much rest either. Daughter Marlowe is the first child of Masterson and Brick Stowell, her ex-boyfriend.

Brick Stowell
Brick Stowell (Pinterest)

What Did Brick Stowell and Alana Split After Their Breakup?

It’s unclear exactly when and why the Scientology lifer actress and the tour manager/photographer called it quits. However, the latter is currently wed to her new beau, New York restaurateur Paul Longo.

Before getting engaged in March 2021, it seems like Alanna and Longo took some time to start dating. Following her wedding, the brunette mother-of-one shared a selfie in an elevator wearing what appeared to be a wedding dress underneath a New York Yankees jacket.

According to the Clark County marriage records, Masterson and her husband’s marriage license has a certification date of March 15 and a date of March 12, 2021. The Underground Bunker at the time said Masterson had listed her Los Angeles house for sale in addition to the couple’s new beginning.

However, Stowell’s present love life is a murky matter mostly due to his withdrawal from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and other similar platforms where people would have been aware of his current whereabouts.

It is challenging to determine whether the photographer has a girlfriend or not, in addition to what his current interests are, because of his seeming secrecy.

Brick Stowell’s Net Worth

While Alanna Masterson, the mother of Stowell’s daughter, is one of the performers to obtain a decent billing, if not the highest, for her performance in The Walking Dead, the photographer has not yet received a similar distinction. especially when the problems with producing money are the main concern.

As a point of comparison, Brick’s ex is said to have earned an average of $40,000 to $60,000 per episode for the majority of her successful career, if not more. When she became a series regular for the sixth season, that increased significantly. In addition, her name was added to the series’ main credits in the seventh season.

It shouldn’t be shocking to learn that she has a net worth of between $2 and $3 million.

The corresponding statistics regarding the daughter’s father, however, are unknown. He might be a qualified cameraman with a background in fast food and be a co-owner of Burgers 99. Even though his net worth’s specifics are not mentioned or examined.