Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter
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Who Is Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter?

From Salt Lake City, Utah, Cassidy Lance-McWherter is a CrossFit Games competitor and businesswoman in the fitness industry. She has participated in four CrossFit Games competitions.

Her eighth-place finish in 2014 was her best performance.

Cassidy didn’t always start off doing CrossFit, though. She was a competitive gymnast growing up, and after high school, she was awarded a full gymnastics scholarship to the University of Washington.

In the 2007 Pac-10 Championships, Cassidy placed ninth overall with a score of 9.9 points. However, she suffered an ACL tear in her right knee the following year, effectively ending her gymnastics career.

Cassidy decided to find another competitive outlet following four ACL reconstruction procedures. Soon after that, she learned about CrossFit.

Cassidy started her CrossFit career initially only to keep in shape and heal from her injuries. She has now developed into one of CrossFit’s most recognizable figures.

“I began CrossFit to maintain my fitness after gymnastics, and then I continued to keep my knee stable – now I yearn for the drive to compete.”

Body Measurements Of Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter

Full Name: Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter
HEIGHT: 5’3″ (160cm)
WEIGHT: 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
PROFESSION: CrossFit Athlete, Entrepreneur
ERA: 2010


Comparison Stats

  • Squat: 275 pounds
  • 215 lbs. Clean and Jerk
  • 160 lbs. Snatch
  • deadlifting 295 pounds
  • 60 pull-ups are the maximum allowed.
  • Fran – 2:30
  • Helen – 7:30
  • Grace – 1:30

CrossFit Games

2018 Women 1st South East 1st Florida  also, 1st
2017 Women 5th 1st South East Florida The 4th United States
2016 Individual Women 23rd 2nd South East Florida The 12th United States
2015 Individual Women 12th 2nd South East 1st Florida The 7th United States
2014 Individual Women 64th 2nd South Central
2013 Individual Women 141st 4th South Central
2016 6th Individual Women Atlantic Regional
2015 4th Individual Women Atlantic Regional
2014 2nd Individual Women South Central
2013 2nd Individual Women South Central
2015 26th Individual Women
2014 8th Individual Women
2013 29th Individual Women


Short Career of Cassidy Lance-McwherterCassidy Lance-Mcwherter

Cassidy Lance-McWherter works out or instructs others in the gym for 12 to 13 hours each day. According to Cassidy, a typical training day looks like this:

“I wake up at 4:40 AM and don’t stop teaching until 10 AM. Then, depending on whether someone drops in during that time, I train from 10 AM until between 1 and 2 PM. I attempt to finish up by 1 to finish some work and return to the 5:30 PM class.

Nutrition (Workout)

Cassidy doesn’t have a lot of room for bad foods and beverages because she is a competitive athlete.

She typically consumes lean, healthful foods like lean poultry and dark leafy greens. She only takes time off following her tournaments, which usually end in August.

In addition, Cassidy consumes;

  • Tenderloin of pork
  • chicken thighs
  • Vegetable proteins
  • Quinoa
  • Dark Rice
  • Veggies That Are Dark Green
  • Avocados

What Cassidy Lance-McWherter Teaches Us?

Growing up, Cassidy Lance-McWherther competed in gymnastics. She performed so well in the field that she was awarded a full scholarship to the university of her choice.

However, Cassidy was unable to reach her full potential in gymnastics due to a series of knee ailments.

Cassidy decided to give up gymnastics after realizing she couldn’t continue due to her injuries. Even though this phase of her life was finished, Cassidy yearned for a competitive outlet. She understood CrossFit was all she desired once she had found it.

Cassidy never intended to compete in the CrossFit Games, but over time she developed into a successful athlete. Her experience teaches us that you can never be completely sure if a situation is good or terrible for you.

Even injuries that end a career can be a “gift in disguise,” providing an opportunity for something even greater, as Cassidy Lance-McWherter has demonstrated.