Curry Chicken Salad
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$5.61 RECIPE / $1.12 SERVING

I’m obsessed with curry and want to put it in everything, even this Curry Chicken Salad!

This Curry Chicken Salad may be my favorite of all the meals I’ve cooked with curry spices. Something about the curry in combination with the creamy mayo/yogurt dressing is simply right!

Not to add the raisins’ slight sweetness, which balances out the earthy spices and ALL THAT CRUNCH. Mmmm.

Chicken salad is never truly “cheap,” but it may be made on a budget if you get your chicken on sale. When you consider that pre-made chicken salad at the deli may frequently cost $10 per pound, this is true quite a bargain.

So, even if you have to store it for a special occasion, make a note of it because you won’t regret it!


Curry Chicken Salad
Food: Curry Chicken Salad
Source: Slender Kitchen

For this Curry Chicken Salad, I chose to use both mayonnaise and yogurt in the dressing because they each have their own distinct flavor characteristics.

Mayonnaise provides a rich smoothness, while yogurt is light and acidic, making it a popular match with curry spices. You can use just yogurt or just mayonnaise if you need to, but I promise you that the combination of the two is magical. ūüėČ


Absolutely. If you don’t want to cook your own chicken breasts or have leftover rotisserie chicken, slice it up and use it in this recipe. For this recipe, you’ll probably need around 3 cups of chopped chicken.


With exotic curry spices, sweet raisins, and crunchy almonds, curry chicken salad is a quick and flavorful alternative to typical chicken salad.
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 30 mins
Servings: 4; 1 cup each



  • 1/4¬†cup¬†mayonnaise¬†($0.41)
  • 1/4¬†cup¬†plain yogurt¬†($0.19)
  • 1¬†tsp¬†lemon juice¬†($0.02)
  • 1/2¬†tsp¬†honey¬†($0.02)
  • 1¬†tsp¬†curry powder¬†($0.10)
  • 1/4¬†tsp¬†salt¬†($0.02)
  • freshly cracked pepper¬†($0.02)


  • 2.5¬†cups¬†chopped cooked chicken*¬†( $2.95)
  • Pinch¬†salt & pepper¬†($0.05)
  • 2¬†stalks of celery ($0.34)
  • 3¬†whole green onions¬†($0.12)
  • 1/2¬†cup¬†sliced almonds¬†($0.87)
  • 1/2¬†cup¬†raisins¬†($0.57)


  1. In a small mixing bowl, combine the mayonnaise, yogurt, lemon juice, honey, curry powder, salt, and pepper. Taste the dressing and, if necessary, adjust the curry powder or salt.
  2. Season the chicken breasts on each side with a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook the chicken breasts until done in a countertop grill or a skillet. Allow the cooked chicken breast to cool while you finish the remaining salad ingredients.
  3. Celery should be finely diced, and green onions should be sliced. In a large mixing basin, combine the green onions, celery, sliced almonds, and raisins.
  4. Chop the chicken into small chunks and combine with the celery, onion, almonds, and raisins in a mixing bowl. To blend, whisk everything together. Toss in the dressing and mix to combine.


*You can use rotisserie chicken or cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts on a grill or in a skillet. Once chopped, you’ll need about 2.5 cups, which for me was two breasts or about 1.5 pounds raw.


  • Serving:¬†1¬†Cup
  • Calories:¬†431.08¬†kcal
  • Carbohydrates:¬†22.38¬†g
  • Protein:¬†28.08¬†g
  • Fat:¬†27.25¬†g
  • Sodium:¬†746.7¬†mg
  • Fiber:¬†3.65¬†g


Curry Chicken Salad
Food: Curry Chicken Salad
Source: Slender Kitchen
  1. Combine 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 1/4 cup plain yogurt, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon curry powder, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and some freshly cracked pepper to prepare the dressing for the Curry Chicken Salad.
  2. Taste the dressing and adjust the salt, honey, or curry powder as needed (every brand of curry powder is a bit different, so you may prefer more or less). Keep the dressing refrigerated until ready to use.
  3. You’ll need around 2.5 cups chopped cooked chicken, which was two chicken breasts for me, or about 1.5 pounds raw.
  4. Season the chicken with salt and pepper before grilling or pan-frying it. I used a grill pan that fits on top of my stove, but you could also use a George Foreman Grill or a cast-iron skillet. Another simple approach is to use a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.
  5. Allow the chicken to cool while you finish preparing the salad, then slice it into small pieces.
  6. Prepare the rest of the salad while the chicken cools. 2 celery ribs, finely diced; 3 green onions, sliced
  7. In a large mixing bowl, combine the diced chicken, diced celery, sliced green onions, 1/2 cup sliced almonds, and 1/2 cup raisins.
  8. Pour in the curry sauce that has been prepared…
  9. Then swirl until the dressing is evenly distributed. Then it’s time to eat! I ate a bunch with a fork, but it’d also be delicious with crackers or wrapped into a pita.