Dom Mazzetti
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Who is Dom Mazzetti?

Mike Tornabene plays the fictional role of Dom Mazzetti. He also goes by the namesProfessoror” and “Bro Science Guy.”

The comedic character is portrayed as a college student who is half-Italian and half-American and who talks about things like ladies, college, and fitness.

Short Career of Dom Mazzetti

At the age of eight, Dom Mazzetti started creating comedic scripts with his friend Gian Hunjan.

The two had written numerous TV sketches and, comedic screenplays, and eventually began posting their comedy series on the internet over the years.

Mike invented Dom in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. The persona has gained popularity online, where a large following is amused by his actions.

Body Measurements of Dom Mazzetti

Full Name: Mike Tornabene
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Writer, Comedian, Fitness Influence
ALIAS: Dom Mazzetti
HEIGHT: 6’1″ (185.5cm)
WEIGHT: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)

Dom Mazzetti


  • Actor
  • Producer
  • Social Media Influence


Scripts and Sketches

When Mike was in the second grade, his interest in comedy “appeared” early in his life. He met Gian Hunjan, the co-creator of the now-famous Dom video channel, around this time.

According to Mike, the two “clicked” right away; “We went into business right there and then.”

Mike and Gian started creating and performing comedic screenplays after that.

The two performed comedic sketches for the staff at the restaurant where they worked during their senior year of high school. The restaurant, according to me, was the real beginning of our comic cooperation,” Mike recalled.

Mike and his pal continued to write funny screenplays and TV scripts throughout their time in college. Mike claims that a video chat was used for the entire transaction.

“I partied a lot while I was a student at NYU. In my first year, I lived in Third North with five other guys.

We played a lot of Halo on our dirty back-to-back TVs, had two Xboxes set up, and once we discovered that the deli down the street was the key to getting alcohol, it was pretty much 40oz bud heavies every night.

My time at NYU has undoubtedly aided me in developing ideas for our designs.

Launching His First Company

Mike and Gian debuted their first comedy act in their senior year of college. They published video sketches for the show on the internet.

Although the films received favorable reviews, very few individuals watched them regularly. This, according to Mike, was insufficient to “get serious about the business.”

Mike was adamant that he would triumph in the end despite his initial failure. During the summer of 2010, he and his friend Gian distributed leaflets across the city announcing their availability for any employment. All of this was done to support their aspiration to become performers.

The following is an excerpt from Mike’s description of the various jobs he worked during that summer:

“We performed some really weird stuff that summer, like picking up an autistic child from camp and bringing him home or taking him on vacations.”

Mike managed to find time despite his busy schedule to complete his trainer certification studies.

He reasoned that obtaining the certification would enable him to work in a gym in his city and, with any luck, make enough money to pursue his acting ambitions.

Birth of Dom Mazzetti

Mike came up with the well-known Dom Mazzetti character by the year’s conclusion.

He claims that the Dom concept originally began as a cookery doodle.

Described as a “dumb, middle-aged, Italian dude,” the character The cookery sketch was supposed to be filmed with Mike playing the role of “Dom,” but Mike and Gian never got around to it.

Then, in 2011, over a year later, they had the idea to make a sketch based on a UPS bomb scare. Mike and Gian believed that using Dom as the interview subject would be intriguing.

where they would mock the handling of a bomb threat. The video garnered fantastic reactions for them. So they decided to incorporate Dom Mazzetti into another sketch.

After releasing one sketch after another, Dom gradually grew in popularity online. When the character’s videos started to go viral so frequently, Mike and Gian decided to make Dom their only character moving forward.


Soon after, Mike started posting films under the alias Dom about college life and fitness. He made fun of the “bro-science in fitness” by playing the role.

Greater than any other endeavor he had undertaken up to that moment, it turned out to be another huge success.

Mike gained enormous influence in the internet community as his fame grew over time.

Dom Mazzetti


Mike has a vocation as a comedian in addition to being a “fanatic” of exercise. He works out frequently at the gym to stay in condition for his videos.

He occasionally videos his exercises alongside other well-known fitness celebrities, such as Bradley Martyn.

Since he was 14 years old, according to Mike, he has been working out in the gym, perfecting the methods that have allowed him to create an amazing body.

Why Dom Mazzetti Is A Good Teacher?

Dom Mazzetti has demonstrated that not all fitness-related activities need to be taken seriously. Mike demonstrated a fresh approach to the “total fitness lifestyle” through the persona of Dom.

Mike concentrates on the comical and light-hearted aspect of fitness, creating entertaining films for his audience to chuckle at, while the majority of the fitness community talks about physical transformations, problems in their lives, etc.

Everyone should have a healthy, pleasurable lifestyle rather than one that is “all serious and dull,” according to Mike.