Eliyan Lobez
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Who Is Eliyan Lobez?

Australian IFBB Pro bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and fitness trainer Eliyan Lopez.

She gained the most notoriety through her work founding a prosperous gym and triumphing in numerous IFBB Pro competitions. Additionally, she has won numerous Crossfit and Powerlifting contests.

Eliya is also a very skilled strength and conditioning and boxing coach. Eliya has trained numerous clients at her facility in Brisbane, Australia, and as a result, she has a sizable internet following in addition to a sizable community of followers in her native Australia.

Body Measurements Of Eliyan Lobez 

Full Name: Eliyan Lobez
HEIGHT: 5’7″ (170cm)
WEIGHT: 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder
ERA: 2010


  • sporting successes
  • Champion junior boxer in Queensland
  • National and State Track & Field Representative
  • Dragon Boat Racing Team of Australia
  • Australian Women’s Rugby Under 20
  • Champion Top 3 Figure 7 times.
  • Ohio’s 6th Arnold Classic Amateur
  • Obtaining an IFBB Pro Card
  • Australia’s seventh Arnold Classic victory
  • the first competition for novice women in push-pull
  • Crossfit Woodstock’s first team
  • First-time Crossfit beginners
  • First Crossfit Advanced Person
  • Third Advanced Crossfit Individuals
  • 7th Advanced Crossfit Pairs
  • Sports Woman of the Year three times.
  • Certification for Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Advanced Boxing Certification for Fitness
  • Fitness Levels 3 & 4 Certification


Early Life Of Eliyan Lobez Eliyan Lobez

Eliya spent the majority of her childhood playing outside and participating in several sports.

She was born in Queensland, Australia. Eliyan has always loved being active, but she became even more so at the age of nine when her brother introduced her to sports. She started to fall in love with everything physically demanding at this stage.

Through her high school years, she gained strength and began to play rugby and compete in boat races.

She gained the self-assurance to play rugby at the national and state levels in 2005 after realizing her innate aptitude to win and capacity to crush her competition. The Australian Dragon Boat Racing Team and the Skipping Championships both chose her.

Eliyan Lobez played professional boxing because she felt that the three elite sports she had already participated in were insufficient.

She eventually joined a gym in 2007 to increase her strength and fitness level for her bouts as a result. Eliyan started by concentrating on building up her strength and conditioning.

But as time went on, she grew to adore the workout environment and the physical changes she was experiencing.

Eliyan Lobez had always known she would make a career out of athletics, but after participating in so many, she wasn’t sure which one to pick.

I knew I was going to perform incredibly well if I simply picked one sport and stuck with it, she adds.

When Eliyan learned she could help others in the same way that her coaches had helped her achieve in a wide range of sports, she recognized how much she respected them.

Short Career Of Eliyan Lobez Eliyan Lobez

Eliyan put in a lot of effort and earned certifications in both boxings for fitness and strength & conditioning.

She realized her figure was developing quite quickly as she was completing her instructor certification. Eliyan decided to compete in bodybuilding contests in 2010.

Eliyan put in months of dedicated training before beginning to excel in tournaments. Shortly after leaving the INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) in Australia, she joined the IFBB and began preparing for her pro card.

Receiving A Pro Card

Eliyan Lobez had her first kid in 2013, and despite the numerous responsibilities that come with being a mother, she was determined to demonstrate that you can work hard and achieve your goals while being a parent.

When it came to the IFBB State and National Championships, she took first place just 28 weeks after giving birth to her first child.

Eliyan Lobez was soon asked to represent Australia at the 2014 Arnold’s Amateur in Ohio, USA, as a result of her achievement, and it was there that she earned her pro card.

She finished eighth in her first professional contest at the 2014 IFBB Grand Prix after winning the contest and earning her Pro card. She tried CrossFit and Powerlifting because she was still unsatisfied with her bodybuilding successes in the past.

Eliyan opened her training facility around this time, and a lot of people came there to learn from great athletes how to build their awesome bodies. She designs services specifically for different athletes, such as bodybuilders and boxers, in her gym.

Training, (Fitness)

She frequently modifies her workout schedule due to her multiple sporting endeavors, and she is knowledgeable about the majority of methods for strength, conditioning, and endurance training.

Over the years, she has undergone numerous physical changes and developed into somewhat of an all-arounder. But throughout her bodybuilding career, she adhered to a 5-day split that was as follows:

Eliyan’s Workout For Bodybuilding

  • Day 1: Calves and chest
  • Tuesday: Legs
  • 3rd day: Rest day
  • Triceps, biceps, and abs on Day 4
  • Day 5: Calves and shoulders
  • Day 6: Abs and back
  • 7th day: Rest

She prioritized compound lifting and cardio during her time competing in CrossFit and Powerlifting. The snatch, clean and press, and deadlift are some of her favorites.

Nutrition, (Fitness)

Depending on what Eliyan is practicing for, her needs change. Along with her busy day training clients, she consumes nutrients that boost her recovery and help her during her hard training sessions.

According to Eliyan, a diet rich in lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats is essential for anyone to succeed in life and fitness.

Influences And Idols

Her older brother, who taught her the fundamentals of athletics before she became ten years old, was Eliyan’s first and most significant influence. He is credited as the first person who encouraged her to discover her passion for physical exercise.

In addition, she uses the success of those around her in the sport she is participating in as inspiration and motivation to keep pushing the boundaries.

What Eliyan Lobez Can Teach Us?

Growing up, Eliyan was always a physically active and athletic child. When she won her first bodybuilding championship as a new mother, she demonstrated that even if you truly want to accomplish your objective but can’t find the time, you can still make time.

She was an expert in every discipline she pursued.

In addition to being proud of her prowess in several sports, Eliyan is also eager to share her knowledge with anyone who needs it. After years of slog and perseverance, this has earned her the respect and love of her neighborhood.

Like Eliyan Lobez, you too can succeed with the correct work ethic and desire to overcome hurdles in your own life.