Emma Claire

Nutritionist Emma Claire shared the detailed recipe of her simple single-serve air-fryer frittata. It requires only ten minutes and her fans are thrilled. It is best for breakfast and dinner and for those who want healthy eating but have very less time to spare for cooking.

Emma Claire and her simple single-serve air-fryer frittata recipe

Nutritionist Emma Claire is an excellent home cook too. She shared on her social media the simple recipe she created for the single-serve air-fryer frittata. It is healthy and fast. The Australian foodie shared the detailed recipe in her TikTok account and it garnered a large number of views and likes. It just takes two minutes to cook. Moreover, it is cooked and ready to be served in a matter of ten minutes. She said:

It is a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner option if you’re looking for something nutritious.’

Emma Claire
Emma Claire and her frittata in an air-fryer (Source: Daily Mail UK)

The recipe requires eggs four in number, olive oil, vegetables that you like, grated cheese, basil leaves, and shallots that are sliced up. The ingredients are healthy but portion control of them is important.

The recipe

Emma posted on the social media a 23-seconds video and said:

This is a super easy and delicious recipe that you can put together in two minutes, throw in the air fryer while you get ready and come back to a cooked breakfast,’

She added about the health benefits:

‘Eggs are a nutrition powerhouse. They contain high-quality protein, vitamins A, D, and B2, choline, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids and more.’

‘These are all important for brain health, bone health, hormones and the immune system!’

Emma Claire
Emma Claire and her air-fryer frittata (Source: Yahoo lifestyle)

Firstly, she placed a baking paper on thevair fryer basket and added olive oil at the bottom. She whisk the four eggs and said:

Add some oil to your air fryer, pour in the whisked egg and season with salt and pepper,’

Then add the cut vegetables to it. Emma prefers broccoli, baby spinach and capsicum. These are the favorite for this dish. But you may add what you prefer taste wise. She continues:

‘Flavour with freshly-chopped basil and top with cheese,’

‘Bake at 160 degrees for 10 minutes, slice into four slices and top with thinly-sliced shallots. Then, just enjoy!’

She adds:

I slice it in half to make two servings, perfect for a quick and delicious lunch or dinner.”

The response of her followers

Millions of people viewed this viral recipe and eagerly thanked Emma for the quick and simple frittata recipe. One person wrote:

‘Wow so delicious, I’ll try to make it!’

Another TikTok user wrote:

My lunch is sorted. Thanks for sharing,’

Emma Claire
Emma Claire’s air fryer frittata (Source: Trending Today in London)

Another user commented:

“Love this, more air fryer recipes please,” 

While a fourth wrote:

I could eat this every day.”

The eggs contain a highly bioavailable protein. Each medium sized egg has six grams of protein in it. Hence this dish provides adequate proteins to the eater. It is highly filling. And the vegetables provide the dietary fiber and antioxidants that are great for gut health.