Emmanuel Hostin
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In addition to being Sunny Hostin’s longstanding spouse and daily co-host of ABC’s The View, Emmanuel Hostin is an orthopedic physician with a practice in New York.

Sunny Hostin, the mother of Emmanuel’s two children, has had an amazing career as a popular TV celebrity and businessman. The former lawyer turned journalist, however, is very discreet when discussing the lives of her spouse or her children.

Sunny, who she refers to as Manny, has thrived in the spotlight as a well-known TV correspondent and attorney, whereas Manny has led a more sedate existence. Emmanuel had quite the lucrative life for himself as a prominent orthopedic surgeon, while taking a backseat to his wife’s media celebrity.

He is also a devoted father to the couple’s two children. Learn more about Emmanuel Hostin in the article that follows, including how he entered the medical field, his background, his relationship with one of the most known faces in reporting, and more.

Parents of Emmanuel Hostin

Emmanuel Hostin, the host of The View and husband of Sunny Hostin, was born in 1953; he turns 65 on September 5.

He was raised in New York. His parents, Maria Jesus Hostin and A. Emmanuel Hostin were both doctors.

Emmanuel Hostin
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Father of Emmanuel Hostin Was Haitian

The father of Emmanuel was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and originally held the nationality of Haiti.

He finished his medical school in Spain before settling primarily on Long Island, New York, in his later years. Born in Haiti, A. In Spain, Emmanuel fell in love with Maria, Manny’s mother, a Spanish national, and they were wed there in 1969.

Mr. Hostin is the oldest child of his parents.

His parents settled in Westbury, New York, after immigrating. However, they later went to Queens together in 1971.

At Cumberland Hospital, Manny’s father finished his general surgery residency training in the late 1970s. After that, up until his retirement in the early 2000s, his father worked as a surgeon at the Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens, providing healthcare to marginalized populations.

The father-in-law of the ABC news analyst was a part of the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE). It is a nonprofit institution whose goal is to give its professional members a channel through which to address the medical needs and worries of the Haitian population both at home and abroad.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Claimed The Lives of His Parents

Following the global pandemic in 2020, Emmanuel’s parents, who were orthopedists, passed away.

On The View on January 8, 2021, Manny’s wife, Ms. Hostin, spoke candidly about the passing of her husband’s parents. Over the holiday break that year, Emmanuel’s parents passed away as a result of coronavirus complications, according to the lawyer-turned-television host.

On December 28, 2021, Manny lost his father to COVID, and on January 1, 2022, he lost his mother to COVID. However, Emmanuel and his wife were able to FaceTime with Manny’s parents as they passed away.

Emmanuel Hostin
Emmanuel Hostin (Pinterest)

Who Is Emmanuel Hostin, a Medical Professional? His Area of Expertise and More

As previously noted, orthopedic surgery specialist Dr. Emmanuel Hostin, MD, practices in New York, NY.

He received his medical degree from the John Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1996. His Doximity biography states that he received his New York State medical license in 2002. Additionally, he completed a fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania Health System (2002).

His area of expertise is orthopedics, with general orthopedic surgery as a specialization. He also has expertise in sports injuries.

On HealthGrades.com, Manny has received 11 patient ratings with an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5. In addition to having his clinic in Long Island City, he is the owner of Hostin Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, P.C. on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Additionally, Manny is connected to several hospitals in New York, including Mount Sinai Morningside and West Hospitals, Roosevelt Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, and Roosevelt University Hospital. He has also gone to Haiti on medical missions since the 2010 earthquake there. The son of a Spanish-Haitian couple made several trips there on medical missions.

The two-time father currently works for FRED PESCATORE MD.

Since the late 1990s, Emmanuel and Sunny Hostin Have Been Married

In 1998, the musculoskeletal surgeon Emmanuel wed Sunny Hostin, a co-host of THE View. Gabriel, a son, and Paloma, a daughter, are the offspring of the doctor and journalist pair. The family is a Purchase, New York, resident.

The TEDx speaker and Manny met there for the first time. When Sunny first met her husband, she thought he was beautiful, but she thought she looked stupid.

The Daytime Emmy nominee writes that her dating life was “less than pleasant” and that she was living in Maryland in the mid-1990s shortly before she was going to bump into Manny in her 2020 memoir, I Am These Truths: A Memoir of Identity, Justice, and Living Between Worlds.

She says that after going for a run one day, Hostin decided to follow her mother’s advice and go to church before returning home.

First Meeting Between Emmanuel Hostin and His Wife & More

Even though she wasn’t properly attired on that particular day, the Puerto Rican-African-American host claims that as soon as she took a seat at the rear of the church, she noticed her future husband and a friend approaching.

“When I turned around, I had been there for maybe five minutes. Then Emmanuel “Manny” Hostin entered. He was stunning and wearing a perfectly cut suit. How I was going to meet this man was all I could think about. … I appeared absurd. I’d have to wait as I sat. I watched his every move intently.

the correspondent admits in her memoir. Sunny noticed Manny and his companion entering a bagel store nearby after the church ceremony.

The previous law clerk soon joined them in line behind them. When she eventually spoke to Manny, he questioned why she was wearing sweatpants to church. Then, according to Sunny, her husband didn’t find her intriguing.

After that, Manny gave her his phone number and informed her that he will be hosting parties in the coming days, inviting the journalist. A few days later, Ms. Hostin arrived at their apartment. Manny greeted her but didn’t know her.

Sunny claimed they had met at church, but after trying it out for himself, he concluded that they had met at a bagel store. After two years had passed, the pair married.

When they welcomed their oldest child, son Gabe, a Harvard student, in 2002, the doctor and the newscaster became parents for the first time. When their daughter Paloma was born in 2006, the Catholic couple expanded their family.

Net Worth of Sunny and Her Husband

Although Manny’s spouse may not be earning as much money as her other The View co-hosts are/were, she has nevertheless managed to amass a small but pretty impressive $3 million net worth.

Speaking of which, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, the original hosts of The View, reportedly earned $5 million and $2.5 million annually in 2016 respectively.

In any case, such sums either came close to matching or completely exceeded Ms. Hostin’s entire fortune. She does, however, have the ability and advantages to secure a salary increase that will increase her wealth in the upcoming years.

Because of this, the ladies who have presented the program have gone on to amass considerable fame and money. Almost all of them currently have fortunes worth tens of millions of dollars.

Although there is little information about Dr. Emmanuel, Sunny’s husband, including his net worth, it is widely believed that he is a wealthy medical expert.

Additionally, he and his wife receive income from their restaurant, Alvin & Friends, in New Rochelle, New York.