Often one feels energyless and tired. We do not want to do tasks. Psychological factors play a role in it. But body physiology also matters. And diet can lead to this disturbed physiology.

Energyless feeling

Often, we lack the willingness to carry out certain daily tasks. Boredom and psychology have a role in it. But an imbalance in diet could also majorly impact and create this unwillingness or energyless state of the body.

An inadequate diet can cause it. The supply of nutrients may be insufficient to meet the body’s demands. And specific nutrient lack in the diet also leads to this state and feeling.

Nutritionist Hortência Kettelen Souza Luz who is s graduate of the Federal University of Goiás, Brazil says:

“The main source of energy for our body, from food, is the consumption of carbohydrates, in addition to it, our body can also use proteins and lipids when carbohydrates are lacking.”

The energy is required for basic body functions such as breathing and circulation of blood in the body. A balanced diet is good but certain foods can pep up this energy fast and help in converting us into energetic people.

1. Plums: to overcome an energyless feel

Plums (Source: Wikipedia)

These are rich in carbohydrates: both simple and complex. They give us instant energy.

2. Papayas

This fruit is also good when we are in dire need of that energy boost. It also provides us with other essential vitamins and minerals including potassium.

3. Pear

In 100 g of pears, there are 57 calories. It has a lot of moisture too and hydrates us.

4. Kiwi

This fruit is refreshing with good sugar and carbohydrates. Its tangy taste adds to the energy pep.

5. Tangerine

This small citric fruit gives 53 calories per 100 g. This boosts our energy levels and the tartiness elevates our mood.

6. Lemon

This citrus fruit similarly refreshes us and boosts our energy to high levels. Used in juices, it hydrates us and provides us with instant energy.

7. Pitaya

Pitaya (Source: Wikipedia)

This is from the American continent. It is similar to the dragon fruit of Malaysia. It has 102 calories per 100g. This is sufficient to give us an instant form of energy.

8. Bananas

This highly affordable fruit is commonly found all over the world. It gives 105 calories per piece. And these calories are instantaneous to make us realize the difference after consuming them.

9. Brown rice

This is a complex carbohydrate. When it is digested and absorbed, it adds sugar to the blood and provides energy to the consumer.

10. Whole wheat products such as noodles and bread are easy to make and consume. They are power packed and give energy instantaneously to the eater.

11. Sweet potato

This is also an energy-rich starchy food that when consumed provides a good amount of instant energy boost. These can be boiled which makes them soft and fit for consumption.

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12. Oats

Oats (Source: Urban Platter)

This cereal can be eaten for breakfast or lunch or dinner. The energy is available soon after consuming them. The addition of sugar, jaggery, and fruits further enhances its energy and calorie levels.

13. Vegetables

Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and brand are also good to give the person consuming them instant energy. They are good sources of energy, vitamins, and minerals.