Budget-friendly healthy meals

Worldwide, grocery prices have skyrocketed. Poor people are particularly affected and are unable to have enough food for themselves and their families. Here are five budget-friendly healthy meals that would keep you full and also provide you with nutrients.

Budget-friendly healthy meals

Inflation is high including in the USA. People are trying ways out to stretch their dollar to get more for less. But it is hard. Grocery prices are so high that low income group people are unable to procure enough food for themselves and their families.

With such a scenario, low-cost but healthy food recipes are welcome. The recipes should have a protein and fiber source and should include varied plant based ingredients. They should contain a healthy balance of carbs, protein, healthy fats and dietary fiber. This will keep you full longer and make you feel less hungry.

Here are five budget-friendly healthy meals for less than $5

Budget-friendly healthy meals
Cinnamon apple oatmeal pancakes (Source: Eat this not that)

Cinnamon apple oatmeal pancakes

This food dish has whole wheat flour and apples. Both are rich in dietary fiber. The pancakes could make a hearty breakfast. It has 260 calories per serving. It is healthy and low cost. In place of apples, one can opt for blueberries or bananas. This provides varied flavors with same nutrition.

Black bean omelette

It has eggs and gut boosting black beans. It is a satiating breakfast with 330 calories per serving. It has high proteins and will keep you full longer. It stabilizes blood sugar. One can try with an egg alternative or add up with cheese such as cottage cheese or ricotta cheese.

Budget-friendly healthy meals
Black beans omelette (Source: Eat this Not that)

Vegetable fried rice

This serves as a nutritious lunch or dinner. It has rice with oil and veggies. You can use frozen mixed veggies to make this nutrient dense food dish. Carrots, peas, cabbages and bell peppers taste well in it. It costs less and gives 360 calories per serving. For increasing the protein content, add eggs or egg whites into the rice during the cooking process.

Tropical Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is nutritious. And with fruits, it’s health factor increases. It serves as an excellent breakfast or after school snacks. It contains fruits with Greek yoghurt. Canned or frozen fruits are cheaper and can be used in this recipe. The nutrition remains unaffected. For variety, consider adding different combo of fruits each time.

Budget-friendly healthy meals
Tropical Greek yoghurt (Source: Reddit)

Red pepper Fettuccine Alfredo

It is a low cost pasta food dish. It provides 390 calories per serving. Red pepper has minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. One can also add broccoli or spinach in it. It can be eaten solo or with fish, chicken, shrimps and other lean protein sources. One serving gives adequate calories and 10 grams protein per serving.

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Try the above recipes. They come in a budget and at the same time are highly nutritious. They overcome hunger pangs and keep you full longer. They are easy to make and one can pair them easily with other foods. They can be had as a breakfast, lunch or dinner and are also good for kids.