Flavor science

Consuming healthy foods does not imply forgoing taste. Because flavor science has also made significant strides over the years. And now people can have great tasting and also nutritious foods.

Dr. Victor Lindlahr and his slogan

American nutritionist Dr. Victor Lindlahr in the 1930s stressed on healthy eating and nutritious foods. He coined the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. And this phrase has stuck over the years in the field of nutrition. The movement of healthy eating that Victor started has grown to a larger extent. It gained speed during the current covid pandemic when people began to get mindful about their eating habits. They started looking at healthy options and looked at foods as a way to boost their immune function to fight covid and such severe viral infections of this century.

Flavor science
Aromas and food (Source: Pinterest)

Over the years, nutritional science has grown tremendously. And so has the flavor science. The reason is that the food and beverage industry is trying to reach healthy foodstuffs to the consumers without compromising on the taste of these foods. Junk foods are tasty but they want to make healthy foods also tasty so that people purchase it and improve their health.

Healthy eating during and after the pandemic

After the covid pandemic, people have become more conscious about their diet. Mintel research revealed that 53% of American adults want to eat healthier foods this year. FDA has also come out with a new definition of the term ‘healthy’. Now healthy foods need to have addition of certain food groups which might be fruits, vegetables, grains, lean protein or dairy. It must be less in saturated fats, added sugars or salt. And consumers are opting for personalized balanced food path.

Flavor science
Flavor science (Source: Mint Lounge)

But 2022 had problems of economy that has not settled yet. Besides rising food prices, there were issues of supply chain as well. And brands will have to provide people with healthier foods at reasonable cost so that they get value for their money.

Healthier tasteful foods: role of flavor science

The flavor science has helped the food and beverage industry to give people tasty healthier foods. California-based T. Hasegawa USA is leading the flavor industry. It adds and subtracts substances from foods to make it tastier. Jim Yang, T. Hasegawa’s VP of research & development states:

“It’s an exciting time for flavor innovation because we’re leveraging science to produce all-natural solutions that make healthy eating more accessible and even enjoyable for consumers,”

He adds:

There is an immediate effect on the flavor of any food product when you modify the formula to reduce ingredients like sugar or fat content or add functional ingredients with a specific health claim. Technology is allowing us to modify – on a molecular level – the way people experience foods and beverages, for optimal flavor and taste.”

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Flavor science
T. Hasegawa USA (Source: YouTube)

Their innovative technologies includes BOOSTRACT™​. This unique yet natural flavor enhancing technology improves the taste of kokumi ( which is Japanese for “rich taste”). It removes unwanted flavors and amplifies the desired taste. Jim said:

 “Our understanding of kokumi is growing, but it’s increasingly being considered the ‘sixth’ of the basic tastes and has a major impact on the way we experience foods,”

Technologies like Boostract allow us to focus on important role of richness and mouthfeel – unlocking the flavor potential of many products.”

EmulsiTRACT™​ is another plant based milk colloid technology to give creamy rich feel to the milks.