Lung health

Coronavirus struck the world as a pandemic in December 2019. And it has not vanished yet and might no go away as well. It is again raising its head! But life must go on. The option is to make our lungs stronger. Diet can help in this. Which food items can strengthen our lungs and make them resistant to the deadly virus?

Coronavirus and the lungs

Coronavirus is a deadly virus that affects the whole body and mainly the respiratory system. Starting as a pandemic in December 2019, it has caused innumerable deaths and morbidities in the world. It has caused innumerable sufferings and affected each and every human and creatures of this planet directly or indirectly.

The disease causes fever, malaise, extreme weakness, prostration, anosmia, loss of taste, running nose, cough, breathlessness etc. It leads to clotting problems and various bodily disabilities. Lungs are affected first and the most.

Since the lungs are the first target of the virus, it needs protection. At the time when covid surge is happening again, one should have foods that can make our lungs stronger. Which are the foods that have a positive impact on our lungs?

Flax seeds

Lung health
Flax seeds (Source: Pinterest)

These seeds are rich in healthy fats including omega 3 fatty acids. They are also loaded with vitamin E. These enhance immunity and boost our fighting power. Have it daily as part of your healthy diet.


Walnuts and other nuts have a great lot of healthy fats and proteins. All these go into building a healthy immune system. Hence the immune cells in the lungs grow stronger and can ward off the virus well. Have walnuts daily for immune defence enhancement.


Lung health
Ginger (Source: Britannica)

The source, ginger has astringent action. It lessens cough and secretions. It has medicinal oils in it. The most prominent of these is Gingerol. This substance possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It reduces oxidative stress and cellular damage. This substance also can inhibit growth of bacteria and germs. It is also effective against respiratory syncytial virus or RSV. Moreover, it also holds promise in covid 19 infection.


Chillies are hot and add spice to foods. They vasodilate the blood vessels and improve body circulation. The blood supply to the lungs also increases. Hence, harmful organisms are removed and immune cells can reach the lungs due to it. This helps in fighting the disease. There are claims that it helps to regain back the lost taste sensation in covid.


Onions possess sulfur compounds and these have antibacterial properties. They enhance immunity and aid the body in germ killing. They improve gut health and reduce inflammation. There are no reliable studies on the role of onions in coronavirus infection. But from previous studies, it is likely that they could be used as a supplementary aid to overcome the infection.


Lung health
Vitamin C rich foods (Source: Health line)

Garlic, like onions, have germ fighting and immunomodulatory actions. They have a lot of useful and beneficial substances that help in this task. One previous study revealed that smokers who had raw garlic had 40% less chance of lung infections.

Vitamin C fruits and foods

Foods such as citrus fruits, pineapples, beets, greens have high levels of vitamin C. These boost immunity and enhance lung function. They are good for respiratory mucosa.

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All above foods help improve lung health. But they are not a remedy for infections. They cannot substitute medicines for infections but can only supplement them.