Changing moods

Humans have changing moods. And for every mood, there is a different food craving.

When we are happy, we go for a specific food type usually sweets or maybe wine. When we are sad, we want other kinds of food. As they say:

Eat your feelings away.”

Which are these foods for different moods?

Foods for the changing moods

Humans have moods: happy, sad, angry, anxious, amazed, amused, etc. And these moods are not static. They change with time and age. But do you know that there are some specific foods to address these moods?

These may, of course, vary as per the individual taste. But more or less, they are similar for most people. Let’s see the food for the changing moods!

1. When happy

Changing moods
Lotus Bischoff cheesecake (Source: The Co-Co company)

When we are in a cheerful and happy mood, Lotus Biscoff cheesecake can further elevate our mood. It does not diminish it.

Lotus biscuits are available as also cheesecake. One can buy it at the bakery or even make it at home. The best part is that it requires no baking.

2. When sad, one of the changing moods of humans

Sadness is a feeling that we want to do away with it. We want our mood to return to normal. For this, the best option is mug cake. They provide us with warmth and much-needed comfort.

They heal our sore hearts and also fill our stomachs. And if you are making a mug cake at home, it also distracts us. One can make mug cakes of the flavor they like.

3. When bored

Changing moods
Chocolate chip Cookies (Source: Love and lemons)

Boredom is something that comes up when we are doing some routine work or have no work.

The covid pandemic and the ensuing lockdown were the common cause of boredom for many people. So what to do to eliminate boredom from our life? Which food can eat it away?

When bored, you want to munch something. And for this cookies are the best. Chocolate chip cookies are the most preferred.

4. When anxious

Anxiety is not a good emotion. It can translate into physical symptoms and ruin a person or career. It becomes a mental problem. Eating ice cream seems to help remove this emotion.

It is comfort food that can soothe and calm us. You can buy them ready-made and store them in the fridge for later anytime use.

Or you can make them with the help of packets with directions or make them totally from the scratch with all the ingredients.

Changing moods
Icecreams (Source: The Spruce Eats)

5. When stressed

Stress can be overwhelming. To overcome it, doughnuts are the best. They can be simple flavored and sprinkled. All are good to destress a person. Additionally, the soft doughnut is also a calming solution for suppressed anger.

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Of course, there are other ways as well to do away with the negative emotions or accentuate the positive emotions.

One can walk on a beach or seek comfort in natural scenes and trees with chirping birds and the sound of stream flowing. Whatever the way, care of ourselves and our moods are vital.