Hot desserts

Desserts can be frozen, cold, warm, or hot. Hot desserts are fun to consume during the cold winter months.

You might want to have them cuddled up on your couch below your warm blanket while watching TV.

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Hot desserts

These make the finest after-dinner treat. They may be steaming hot or just warm. A hot oven or stove makes the heated desserts.

In an oven, at the right temperature and the right time bake these foods to get the precise crispiness and deliciousness. Preheating the oven is an advantage. One can have hot desserts even with a cold or sore throat.

Hot desserts
Hot milk cake (Source: Taste of Home)

The other hot desserts include cakes, muffins, sweet bread, fruit bread, raisin bread, banana bread, and cookies of different kinds including chocolate chip cookies, puddings, and custards.

The other examples are warm brownies, slowly pressure-cooked bread pudding, spiked hot chocolate, molten chocolate cookie, grilled fluffernutter, vegan apple hand pies, molten lava cakes, deep-fried pineapples rings, coconut flour brownies, apple pie tacos, mug cake, hot fudge, cinnamon bun palmiers, churro chips, cassava flour brownies, red velvet brookies, marshmallow popcorn balls, apple fries with caramel cheesecake dip, Nutella cookie pizza, gingerbread pudding and more.

The ideas are endless. The internet is overflowing with recipes for hot desserts. Why not try them?

Is cheese a dessert?

There are dessert forms of cheese available in markets and grocery shops and offered in restaurants too. In a course meal, this dessert cheese is served after the salad or the main dish.

This is common in Europe. Unlike in North America, in Europe desserts are not always a composition of syrupy sweetness and fatty cream.

Nor are they always with an elaborate preparation and cooking or baking time. Simple cheese can serve the purpose there.

Hot desserts
Dessert cheeses (Source: Co-op)

Cheese comes in a variety of flavors. It can be sweet or it can be savory. Any fine cheese will do in the dessert.

And they can be made from goat cheese or old Dutch Gouda (aged Gouda), fontina, burrata, comte, Danish blue cheese, mascarpone, havarti, fresh ricotta, emmentaler, pecorino, Brillat Savarin with Papaya, or brie.

These do not melt and are nutritious and healthier. Cheese is an inherently sociable food that people like to munch on after a meal. It also pairs well with after-dinner drinks such as sherry or brandy.

Despite the easiness and convenience of cheese, ice creams are more popular desserts compared to them. Why?

Why ice cream is the most popular dessert?

The reasons for this popularity are manifold. Firstly, many people like and relish it. It invigorates and refreshes. It elevates the mood.

Moreover, it is available in various forms and flavors and everyone can have their pick. It is affordable and not overpriced.

Hot desserts
Ice cream scoops of different flavors (Source: Corner house ice creams)

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If one has a sore throat, one can opt for steamed or boiled pear with rock sugar for cough. This is a dessert popular in China. Pudding is also good because its soft texture soothes the throat and prevents more irritation. Hot chocolate has a similar action.