Francesco Della Vedova
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Who is Francesco Della Vedova?

Italian professional bodybuilder and fitness icon Francesco Della Vedova.

Francesco Della Vedova has quickly advanced from being an amateur bodybuilder to a top-tier athlete. Currently, he participates in the IFBB league and has won events like the Junior Bodybuilding Championships.

Off the stage, too, Francesco has generated buzz. He has gained internet fame because of his amazing photos, in which he displays his ripped figure. He now has tens of thousands of admirers who value his commitment to the “iron sport.”

There is a lot more to look forward to from Francesco in the years to come if his accomplishments to date are any indication.

Body Measurements Of Francesco Della Vedova

Full Name: Francesco Della Vedova
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Bodybuilder, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2010


  • Exercise Athlete
  • Featured Model
  • IFBB competitor

“Life can seem black and white at times, so add some color and fill your time with something,” the saying goes.

Training, Muscular Francesco Della Vedova

Large lifts and a lot of volumes are the focal points of Francesco’s training. He starts his workouts with compound exercises that allow him to engage several muscular groups, including squats. Francesco will perform three to five sets of each exercise.

He’ll perform 20–30 sets overall during each session, and perhaps even more. Although many people might find this volume to be excessive, Francesco’s physique has benefited greatly from it, allowing him to rapidly add muscle mass.

The idea is to choose things that are generally healthy for your body. So pay attention to your body and treat it with respect.

Nutrition, ProteinFrancesco Della Vedova

Francesco, who is ripped and muscular, is aware that he must continually provide his body with the proper nutrition. mostly protein. He will only consume this macronutrient from lean sources, with the chicken breast being one of his favorite picks.

Francesco often stays away from whey protein. But if he can’t obtain enough protein from food, he won’t be afraid to take this supplement; he’ll take as much as he needs to fill up his nutritional gaps.

Along with the duties of a model and athlete, he also takes additional vitamins, such as a multivitamin, when his diet veers off course from continual travel.

Share your true self, and let go of the phantom of perfection. Francesco Della Vedova

What could Francesco Della Vedova Teach Us?

If Francesco Della Vedova has taught us anything, it is that for your body to expand when you are working hard, you must feed it with the proper nutrition. This truth is well known to Francesco.

To stay lean and powerful, he makes sure to eat plenty of protein and other essential macronutrients. When he is unable to obtain these nutrients from meals, he will be sure to take a sufficient amount of high-quality whey protein as a supplement.

While eating healthy might not always be enjoyable, it’s necessary for training, recovery, and staying on top of your fitness. Great efforts necessitate big sacrifices.

I never said it would be simple; I only said it would be worthwhile, as Francesco Della Vedova famously remarked.