Frozen desserts

Are you one of those who are trying to lose weight? Are you avoiding caloric-dense foods and those with fats and sugars?

It is rather difficult to do away with these foods that are tastier even though they are in the unhealthy food category.

To prevent weight gain, you even do away with the frozen sugary after-food treats and frozen desserts. But this only increases your cravings for these prohibited items.

It is still possible to enjoy tasty desserts that will not add fat to your body. These are the healthy options in it.

Frozen desserts and weight management

When you aim to lose weight, the first thing to strike off from your food list is sugary and fatty foods. And these include the calories-filled frozen desserts that the majority of people relish.

It is rather sad and it becomes so hard to resist the temptations and cravings for those tasty foods. But it is also true that most frozen treats give rise to rapid weight gain.

Frozen desserts
Mango sorbet of Halo Top (Source: Vegworld Magazine)

Due to the suppression of the cravings for frozen food, we no doubt are successful in keeping control of our weight. But we suffer in the process. There are irresistible urges and most are unable to control them.

We undergo mental issues and anxiety and depression on having to forego our favorite food dishes. Many get weak and break their resistance and consume these frozen desserts.

Thus, it becomes difficult for them to manage their weight.

But do not lose heart. There are some treats in the frozen section that even slimmers can take. They are tasty and healthier options to the weight gain-inducing sweet treats.

Frozen treats options for slimmers

There are certain frozen sweet dishes and drinks that even slimmers can take without any feelings of guilt after consumption. They can have halo-top mango sorbet.

Sorbet means drink and this drink is made of real mango pulp. Halo top is the brand name. It has 310 calories in a pint of the drink. It is gluten-free and soy free.

It also has no milk in it. Hence vegans can enjoy it. It has 55% less sugar compared to a regular dessert and hence is healthy. It will not cause weight gain in the consumer.

Frozen desserts
Yasso chocolate fudge bars (Source: Yasso)

Wyman’s Just Fruit is another dessert that slimmers can also enjoy. They have no milk ingredients. These are made of wild strawberries and blueberries. One can even eat them at snack time.

They have just 40 calories in a serving. And wild blueberries are more antioxidant-rich compared to ordinary blueberries. This company also makes banana bites and Greek yogurt bites that are also healthy.

More healthy dessert options

Yasso chocolate fudge Bar is a healthy chocolaty bar that has only 80 calories per bar. Additionally, it has added probiotics that assist maintain gut health and microbiome.

This also boosts the body’s immune system. The probiotics also help in reducing weight and the body mass index or BMI in short. The bar also has 6 g of protein. Therefore it is wholesome.

This protein also is satiating and indirectly helps weight loss due to reduced food intake. It is creamy with Greek yogurt and rich cocoa. This bar also has potassium and calcium.

Frozen desserts
Wyman’s just fruit (Source: Walmart)

The next healthy option for a frozen treat is Chloe’s no sugar-added grape pops. As the name suggests, this sweet item has no sugar. In place of table sugar, the manufacturer adds monk fruit juice and allulose.

This gives sweetness without the bad effects of sugar. This treat has only 50 calories per pop. The classic pops available have added sugar and artificial colors and jam.

But these pops do not contain these substances and are therefore healthier.

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For those who have a sweet tooth and also want to lose weight, the above 4 options can show the way without compromising the taste.