Dog food

A harmful trend is going viral on TikTok. It is of gym fanatics eating dog food. Many of these TikTok users have uploaded videos of themselves consuming these foods meant for dogs. Why are they eating those canine feeds? Is it safe? What’s the benefit? Does it taste good?

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Gym fanatics and dog food

Social media is one crazy place. Some weird concepts come up there and people start following those without knowing whether it is good or bad. And TikTok is one of the worst social networking platforms.

Dog food
Human trying dog food (Source: Buzzfeed news)

There is a new trend ongoing on TikTok: that of eating dog food. This is basically amongst fitness freaks who are bodybuilding. And it supposedly is to fuel the muscle and performance gains. Dog food has high protein content. And gym crazy people have decided to try it for this gain. They are not concerned about the likely risk of eating such foods that are not intended for human consumption. And they are sharing their experiences online. Whether they like the taste of canine foods or not, they are having it just to fuel their workouts and gain muscles.

A viral video of eating canine food

Fitness influencer Henry Clarisey is 21 and hails from Buffalo in New York. He decided to try to consume canine feed of Kibbles ’n Bits’ Oven Roasted Beef With Spring Vegetable and Apple Flavors. And he posted on his TikTok account that he came to know from an app that the dog foods have 666 g of protein which is 600 g more than what a human adult requires. He promised to eat that food if his posted video gets at least 15000 likes. And lo and behold, he has already garnered more than 2.5 million likes. Sharing his experience, he said in the video:

The dog food tasted extremely dry. Needed so much water after eating it,”

“Tasted like little pieces of dirt and I definitely don’t think it was worth it. Even though it’s a lot of protein, I’d take steak or protein powder.”

Dog food
Henry trying dog food (Source: Know your meme)

He added:

“It’s for the gains”

Grimacing and gagging over the canine food, Henry says:

“I promise you guys, it’s not worth it.”

Harmful trend – vet opinion

The practice is a harmful one and dangerous too. Tracy Navarra, a veterinarian at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital spoke to Buzzfeed news on it. She cautioned that dog food does not meet the food requirements of humans and also human foods do not satisfy the eating and nutrients requirements of dogs. Tracy explained:

Dogs’ intestines are equipped to deal with pathogens, bacteria, dirt, virus, litter, parasites, etc., that the human gut is not accustomed to,”

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Dog food
A harmful trend on TikTok of trying dog food (Source: New York breaking news)

Moreover, she continued:

We are not the same, so we should not eat the same. While the nutritional needs of protein, carbohydrates, and fats may not be that different between the human and dog, it should not be the deciding factor in choosing, by free will, to consume dog food.”