Green Mango Smoothie
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This recipe for a nutritious green mango smoothie makes a good breakfast or snack.

This smoothie is made sweet and creamy with mango, yet it is nutritious with matcha!


Green Mango Smoothie
Food: Green Mango Smoothie
Source: Gimme Delicious

You’ll see that I’ve omitted a frequent smoothie component—banana—from this mango smoothie recipe.

This is because there is no need for bananas, yogurt, or almonds because fresh mango acts as a lovely thickener on its own.

This one is for all of you smoothie-loving, banana-hating people out there. Additionally, this recipe’s second important ingredient, matcha, pairs nicely with the mango’s sweet and refreshing flavor.

My go-to superfood for this delicious morning concoction is matcha. This beverage is the ideal morning pick-me-up because it is made by grinding the entire green tea leaf and is loaded with antioxidants and even a little caffeine.


Smoothie recipes are among the most adaptable there are, as anyone just starting out will quickly discover.

You are welcome to substitute in your preferred fruits, liquids, nut butter, protein powders, or superfood supplements! Consider these suggestions for this recipe:

  • Add avocado or a banana. Although this smoothie is already creamy, adding one of these ingredients will make it extremely thick and delectable. Making this for breakfast will also make it a more satisfying meal.
  • Add some freshly grated ginger or turmeric. Ginger gives this green smoothie I make with it a fresh kick, so I imagine it will work just as well here. It would also be nice with a little turmeric.
  • Insert one more fruit. Pineapple and peaches came to mind.
  • Include a few handfuls of spinach. Why not start your day with more green energy as you won’t be able to taste it?
  • Replace almond milk with coconut milk. The texture will be much creamier, and the taste combination of mango and coconut is superb.

Enjoy the customization you make to it!


This simple mango smoothie recipe is sweet and creamy and is excellent for breakfast or as a nutritious snack.

Prep time: 5 mins
Total time: 5 mins
Serves: 2 to 3


  • 2 teaspoons matcha
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 mango, sliced
  • a few handfuls of ice
  • optional – 1 frozen banana


Green Mango Smoothie
Food: Green Mango Smoothie
Source: Gimme Delicious
  1. All ingredients should be smoothly combined. Frozen bananas should be included for a creamier smoothie.