Ester Dee

Ester Dee is 38 now. This reality TV star of Real Housewives of Cheshire fame shared with Closer magazine her food secrets and eating habits.

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Ester Dee and her daily diet

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star, Ester Dee is a gorgeous lady and a talented reality TV star. She eats a healthy diet and has managed to remain fit and slim on it. The actress shared with Closer magazine on what she consumes and what are her eating habits like.

Ester Dee
Ester Dee (Source: The Sun UK)

Ester disclosed to the reporter of the magazine that she spends around 150 pounds on her weekly diet. This includes the amount she spends for the foods of her mother and her daughter Pearl who is now seven years old. Ester revealed:

I never shop online as I don’t trust the sell-by dates and I like to choose my products. I go to supermarkets and look at all the offers.”

Her daily eating habits

In the morning, the first thing that Ester takes is her cup of coffee. She usually avoids any solid foods at breakfast. Later, she has her lunch at 2 pm. That is her first meal of the day. Ester said that while on the sets shooting, she prefers a veggie wrap or fish and chips. But on her off days when at home, Ester likes to have her big bowl of steamed rice with vegetables.

At dinner, Ester cooks pasta with salmon or tuna. Or the family takes a takeaway of either Chinese or Indian foods. She added:

I don’t snack as it starts me off eating too much. My boyfriend and I are together every second week as he lives abroad, so we’ll have a glass of wine every night, or maybe Champagne.”

Ester Dee
Ester Dee (Source: Daily Star)

Ester avoids meat at meals since it makes her feel too full and heavy.

More about Ester’s foods and likes

Ester does not like snails. Once when she had those, she felt nauseated and vomited the whole thing out. She said:

“I just didn’t like the texture – too squidgy!”

If she has to cook to impress someone, her signature food dish is the yellow curry with rice. This is a cream based vegetable curry. She cooks it with chicken and serves it with rice to her boyfriend.

If she has a hangover, Ester takes fried eggs with a toast. According to her, this cure works for her. As regards her comfort food, she said:

“If I’m feeling low, I will reach for something sweet like a big slice of chocolate cake or a Starbucks Toffee Nut Muffin.”

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Ester Dee
Ester Dee’s fridge has healthy foods (Source: Closer magazine)

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow feels that Ester skipping breakfast is not right. Juliette added:

“Good options would be toasted sourdough with eggs and tomatoes, fruit, soya yogurt and toasted oats, or porridge with fruit. She should also make sure she has protein at each meal like beans, lentils, chick peas, Quorn and tofu.”