Internal shower drink

Internal shower drink has taken the internet by storm. First posted on TikTok, it is a trending drink. But is it healthy? Is it safe? Is it worth it?

What is the internal shower drink?

This internal shower drink was posted on TikTok by Pooptok. It is made by mixing two tablespoons of chia seeds in a glass of water and adding half a lemon juice.

Let this sit for some time before consuming it in whole and fast. This is said to act quickly and make your bowels move. The drink is also getting promoted as a cleanse or detox.

Internal shower drink
Internal shower drink (Source: Health)

The video has garnered 147 million views. The hashtag#internalshowerdrink is trending and gained over 2.3 million views. And the hashtag #internalshower has 31.9 million views.

The video states that it clears constipation and eliminates bloating.

There are claims that this chia seeds concoction can cleanse after a weekend of fast food eating and alcohol consumption. But is it needed? Is it beneficial? What are the potential side effects?

What do experts say?

Dietitian Laura Logos is not a fan of this new trending drink on social media. She says:

The components of the drink can all be supportive of digestive health but will not cure any root issues that are going on,”

“If someone hasn’t been hydrating appropriately or they haven’t gotten enough fiber in the day through their diet (I usually recommend between 30-40 grams per day for adults) then it may be a quicker way to hit those targets.”

Drinking adequate water and eating enough fiber in their diet are better options than this drink, she feels.

Chia seeds provide fiber but fruits and vegetables provide them along with other nutrients. Therefore, they are healthier compared to chia seeds.

Internal shower drink
The trending TikTok drink (Source: Bustle)

Jenna Litt from Lenox Hill Hospital in New York feels that chia seeds fiber is useful. But instead of making it into a concoction, you can simply sprinkle them on smoothies, pudding, oatmeal, cereals in milk, or yogurt for a similar effect. She adds:

“You will receive the benefits of the fiber in the chia seeds regardless of the form you consume them in,”

She too prefers fruits and vegetables and whole grains and nuts over chia seeds.

Warning on this drink

Jenna warns against taking too much of chia seeds:

If you have too much fiber in a day you may actually end up finding yourself to be more constipated and may feel even more bloated,”

“This is because when you consume fiber it pulls water out of your body through your bowel movements, which causes dehydration, making it more difficult for the body to pass the stool.”

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Internal shower drink
Internal shower drink of chia seeds (Source: New York Post)

Additionally, lay people consider it as a magical quick fix. But that is not so. Jenna explains:

“The idea that you can eat or drink whatever you want and counter that lifestyle by having a ‘detox’ can lead to binging tendencies, which may even lead to eating disorders if taken too far,”