Iskra Lawrence
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Who is Iskra Lawrence?

British model, fitness fanatic, and internet star Iskra Lawrence. Iskra encourages women all across the world to “not be scared to stand out” with her distinct and voluptuous shape.

Iskra Lawrence is well known for sharing unaltered, unretouched images of her body to inspire other women to feel comfortable in their skin.

Iskra supports others since she has firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to lack confidence.

Iskra wanted to be a model when she was younger, but agencies turned her down because they felt she was “too big for a straight-size model and not big enough for a plus-model.”

Iskra chose to establish her own internet identity by publishing photos of her amazing figure after growing weary of the standards of the modeling profession.

Since then, she has received a ton of support from the public and has been named an ambassador for initiatives that encourage women to have a positive body image.

“Fit yourself into the jeans, not you into the jeans. And it’s their loss if they don’t fit properly.

Beware: lighting and angles affect everything. I adore my natural skin, with all of its blemishes, coloring, lumps, and scars. You are sufficient in your current form. Your life or your body doesn’t need to be airbrushed.

Body Measurements Of Iskra Lawrence

Full Name: Iskra Lawrence
HEIGHT: 5’9″ (175cm)
WEIGHT: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)
PROFESSION: Model, Brand Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, Internet Star
ERA: 2010


  • Case Study
  • Fitness Fanatic
  • Guest Blogger & Author
  • An online personality

“Because that “cellulite,” those rolls, and jiggle are adorable, sexy, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin. Not simply an ideal of beauty, but who we are is what makes us attractive.

Early Life Of Iskra LawrenceIskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence was born in Wolverhampton, England, in September 1990.

Iskra and her family relocated to Kidderminster, Worcestershire when she was six weeks old. She spent the majority of her formative years growing up here.

Iskra attended Bromsgrove School after leaving Malvern St. James School. As a young person, she achieved success in a variety of areas, including national competition swimming, and theater performances.

Challenges With Modeling, (Diet Plan)Iskra Lawrence

Despite her accomplishments in theater and sports, Iskra’s upbringing was everything but simple. Iskra had a modeling interest in her mid-teens.

She was “too huge” for certain modeling agencies, though, and “not big enough” for plus-modeling agencies, so she was turned down.

Iskra was also taunted and made fun of by her classmates at school, which complicated matters. “Having hips at 13, breasts at 14, and having to wear bras before anyone at my school,” she remarked.

When the females in my class put a pencil between your chest and you had to squeeze your arms together to hold the pencil, they would laugh at you because you had boobs. I remember performing that test.

Iskra’s mental health was significantly impacted by these unfavorable remarks.

She started to doubt herself and feel like she “wasn’t enough.” Iskra soon began comparing herself to other models on TV screens, further altering her perception of herself.

Utilizing Extreme Diets, (Fitness)

Iskra was further sucked into a downward cycle of low confidence and self-esteem after seeing models on TV.

She started experimenting with different diets in the hopes of achieving a physique that would be considered “acceptable” by social norms. Although these diets used various weight-loss strategies, they all had one thing in common: extreme calorie restriction.

Iskra would follow the Beyonce maple syrup and cayenne pepper diet for weeks at a time, eating nothing but the two ingredients. Iskra remarks, “That one was awful.

She also tried diets in which she consumed solely protein for extended periods. I was eating ham constantly, Iskra explains.

I can still see the small journal where I recorded all the calories in the food I consumed. Writing down the calories in everything you consume each day is terrible. Ikra Lawrence

Turning Radically, (Exercise)

Iskra attempted several diets, but they all eventually made her feel worse. She finally had a realization: “I discovered you are more than your body. You should appreciate and love your body since it is your home.

Iskra decided to construct her definition of fitness and health after growing weary of conforming to social conventions.

She created a social media account and started posting unedited, unretouched images of herself, being completely open with everyone.

As a result of this choice, Iskra’s popularity soared. People from all around the world began to leave comments on her images, praising her for both her bravery and her amazing form.

Iskra was inspired by the feedback to keep sharing online and to continue inspiring others.

She intended to inspire both men and women to develop their brands, much like she did, rather than letting the modeling or fitness industries define how they should look.

How To Become A Fitness Icon, (Exercise)

Iskra quickly rose to fame as a fitness symbol and model. She joined forces with like-minded organizations and businesses to launch a campaign that encourages positive body image among people.

Iskra is now famous as a fitness icon, influencer, and National Eating Disorders Association spokesperson. She has developed into one of the most prominent fitness influencers on social media and has written for numerous websites and blogs.

Iskra Lawrence’s message to “not let society define how you should look” and her example continues to inspire women all over the world.

Always Use Reasonable Caution

Iskra Lawrence prefers to listen to her body during exercise rather than following instructions on a piece of paper.

She will train every day of the week in some instances, but only three times in others. Her objectives and feelings are the main determinants of this.

Iskra enjoys mixing things up in her workouts. She’ll switch up the workouts, sets, and reps to constantly surprise her body.

Iskra frequently switches up her routines, but she always adheres to the same maxim: “Everything in moderation.” She doesn’t overwork her body in the gym, but she also doesn’t let up either.

This enables her to maintain a balance between her workout regimen and her overall way of living.

Favorite Exercises For Iskra

Legs and abs are Iskra’s two favorite body regions to work out. Squats are one of her favorite exercises because she likes the way they make her lower body feel.

Squat hops onto a bench are one of her favorite squat variants for developing the glutes. In this workout, she performs three sets of 12 repetitions while adding a 10 lb medicine ball for added resistance.

Iskra asserts that the workout form itself is more crucial than the weight or reps used. She claims that “your booty striking the bench each squat” is the secret to performing squat jumps onto a bench.

Abs training, (Exercise)

Iskra spent years creating the ideal ab exercise for her objectives to have a strong core. She eventually devised a workout schedule that enables her to keep a strong and toned core.

Iskra warms up before her ab exercises by jumping rope. She tries out other variations of this workout, such as crisscrosses, high knees, and side-to-side jump ropes.

Iskra begins a five-exercise circuit routine once she has warmed up completely. These consist of;

  • 30 rounds of alternating penguin crunches or heel touches
  • 30 reps of toe crunches
  • 30 reps of the bicycle crunch

The objectives of Iskra continuously change the other two workouts. She occasionally performs high-rep hanging leg lifts. Sometimes it will be a specific resistance band exercise.

In an unedited and unretouched photo, Iskra is pictured standing on the beach and displaying her curvy body.

Nutrition, (Diet Plan)

Her particular diet is one of the secrets behind Iskra’s ‘hourglass’ figure.

She abides by principles like eating fewer sweets and more lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats. Having said that, Iskra occasionally treats herself to something delicious and lets loose.

Iskra lists “eggplant” as one of the foods she never eats. For some reason, I think of it when I think of very inedible things. Oysters don’t appeal to me either; they appear like aliens, therefore it’s difficult for me to eat them. Ikra Lawrence

Iskra rarely has the time to prepare her meals because of her hectic schedule. Instead, she frequents restaurants that serve a wide variety of wholesome dishes.

Influences And Idols

Lyzabeth Lopez is cited by Iskra as one of her fitness role models. Iskra stated that Lyzabeth’s body was extremely powerful. She excels at describing each exercise in detail to ensure that you use the proper technique.

Iskra also receives “hundreds of direct messages” from her followers, who she describes as being her “daily motivation.”

What Iskra Lawrence Can Teach Us

Iskra showed that you may succeed in life without copying what other people are doing.

Iskra was initially turned down by modeling agencies because she lacked the ideal body type.

Iskra made her road to fame because these agencies denied her the chance to fulfill her modeling ambitions. She started sharing unaltered images of her amazing figure online, winning a ton of fans in the process.

The success story of Iskra serves as a role model for everyone. Keep having high dreams and don’t allow social expectations to stand in your way. You can design your definition of success, whatever it may appear, just like Iskra.