Jen Jewell
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Who is Jen Jewell?

Jen Jewell, a personal trainer and WBFF Pro fitness competitor from the United States, got her start in fitness through gymnastics. But severe wounds swiftly put an end to her development.

Short Career of Jen Jewell

Jen Jewell opted to enter the weight room after considering alternative ways to stay in shape.

She eventually developed a fantastic figure and had so much self-assurance that the gym manager offered her a full-time position as a result. Unaware of it, the youngster’s action marked the beginning of a significant journey.

Her dreams were dashed when her buddy died in a vehicle accident after years of living an active lifestyle and maintaining a healthy body.

Jen was devastated by this. Jen returned to full health despite many ups and downs, depressive episodes, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. She rose to prominence as a top fitness model as a result.

Body Measurements of Jen Jewell

Full Name: Jen Jewell
WEIGHT: Under 115 pounds (52.2 kg)
ERA: 2000, 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness instructor, personal trainer, and bodybuilder
HEIGHT: 5’2″ (157.5cm)

Jen Jewell



  • Pro Card earned in Diva Fitness – WBFF U.S. Eastern Championships, 2011.
  • 6th place – WBFF World Championships, 2011, Pro Fitness division.
  • 4th place – WBFF World Championships, 2012, Pro Fitness division.
  • 2nd place – WBFF World Championships, 2013, Pro Fitness division.

“It goes to show that hard work, determination, and consistency can make a far-fetched dream into a reality.”



Gymnastics classes introduced Jen Jewell to fitness when she was young, and she stayed with them through high school. Her ability to continue was “sidelined” by many injuries, though.

like Jen said It was time to put the competition leotard away, but I still needed to get some exercise and release some energy.

Jen believed it would be a good idea to join a local fitness club because she had a lot of energy to expend but nowhere to use it.

However, there was one problem—she lacked the confidence to use the weight room. “I didn’t know where to start in the weight room,” Jen said.

Club for Women’s Health

Jen found a health club only for women because she was clueless and lacked the expertise and confidence to know what to do in the gym.

This proved to be a place where she could feel secure enough to investigate the gym and her potential.

She was “stunned” by the physiques she observed after reading a copy of a well-known health magazine in the gym.

I was fascinated by the first issue, Jen remarked. Observing slim, athletic, and healthy people gave me newfound motivation. I was determined to enter the stage with that appearance.

Becoming An Aerobics instructor

She committed herself fully to the new fitness way of life and devoured any publication she could get her hands on to learn as much as she could.

Jen’s body immediately began to alter. These well-known fitness publications paved the path for Jen’s early breakthrough in 1999.

The proprietor of the health club asked Jen if she would want a position as an aerobics instructor after noticing how successfully she had changed her diet and exercise routines.

It was my first job ever, and it just so happened to be as an aerobics teacher in high school, as Jen put it. All through high school and into college, I advocated leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

Jen was enjoying her new way of life. She had six-pack abs and had begun to gently learn more about entering fitness competitions. She shouted, “I wanted to walk in Monica Brant’s shoes.”

Damaged by Destruction

Jen’s longtime best friend died tragically in a vehicle accident not long after she moved to Southern California for college.

Jen lived alone in Los Angeles without the comfort and support of family or friends. Jen was devastated by the incident, which led to her depression.

She established new pals outside of the gym who would eat out every night and drink on the weekends to dull the agony and mask her desperation.

Jen added that she always accepted the offer from her new friends and that they provided her with comfort and support.

My attempts to juggle a healthy lifestyle with school, a full-time job, and a newly discovered social agenda began at this point.

Putting on Weight

Even though Jen continued to exercise throughout this time, she also continued to overindulge. Jen didn’t decide to change her life until she experienced an “Oh my gosh!” moment.

Providing a Model for Others

Jen was aware of her weight and the desire to improve her health. She used excuses like “Well, I’ve always had huge quadriceps and a booty from gymnastics,” to justify purchasing larger pant sizes.

All this muscle must be the only cause. Only Jen could fool herself. She put it like way: “I was a beefcake, not a walking brick building.”

The tipping point came when she tipped the scales 50 pounds over her ideal weight and had more than 30% body fat. Jen admitted that she was upset with herself for allowing her fitness and health to get out of hand.

In particular, she continued, “since I was a personal trainer who was expected to set an example for customers.

Following this pivotal event, Jen started to structure her diet, cut back on alcohol, and limit her meals.

Slowly but surely, the weight started to come off. Finally, Jen was leading by example for both herself and her clients.

She Got Her Pro Card

After a few years and numerous diets and exercise routines, Jen eventually achieved her goal of becoming a fitness competitor.

She entered the stage and earned her Pro card with the WBFF in June 2011. “My head is still boggled,” Jen exclaimed. Amazing what perseverance and consistency can accomplish.

Jen Jewell



Jen enjoys doing cardio, alternating between HIIT and steady state cardio, 4-5 days a week.

Running on the sand, climbing stairs or bleachers, taking spinning classes, or using an elliptical machine are some of her favorite cardio exercises.

Strength Training

Jen prefers to keep her heart rate as high as possible while doing weights.

She will “add aerobic bursts between sets, supersets, and tourists to limit my rest times and push myself in the gym” if she wants to lose body weight.

Jen’s Workout

Legs, shoulders, Abs


Chest, Abs

Biceps, triceps

Legs, shoulders, abs


Extra Protein

To aid with her rigorous workouts and recovery, Jen usually eats a lot of protein with each meal. She usually divides her daily meals into five to six parts.

She lists “chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites with some form of carbohydrate and vegetables” as some of her go-to foods.

Jen enjoys eating oatmeal with egg whites for breakfast every day.

“I had a goal to compete for years. It was a great goal, but it lacked a set plan to get there, which is why I procrastinated for so long. Set short and long-term goals.”

Influences and Idols

Jen named Monica Brant as one of her primary role models and influencers from the beginning. Jen was motivated to work hard and reach her fitness goals by Monica’s timeless physique.

What is Jen Jewell’s Teaching Us?

What Jen’s tale teaches us is that many people experience challenging circumstances in life and occasionally veer off course. But when they adopt the appropriate attitude, they recover even more powerfully.

After losing her best friend, Jen swiftly recognized she needed to completely change her life when she put on the extra weight and started living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Jen was able to reignite her earlier passion for her health and well-being thanks to her first love of fitness and inner strength.

Jen responded, “Get started, set your goal, and have a plan,” when asked what advice she would provide to someone trying to get in shape or begin their fitness journey.