Justin St Paul
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Who Is Justin St. Paul?

Justin St. Paul, a prominent personal trainer and fitness model from the United Kingdom, underwent a significant transition to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Short Career of Justin St. Paul

When Justin St. Paul was a high school rugby player, his journey began. Being one of the “smallest guys” on the team always infuriated Justin. Then, to look bigger and more muscular, he decided to resolve the situation on his own by joining a gym.

As soon as Justin started noticing physical improvements in himself, he developed a fascination for weightlifting. His drive to push himself further each day, train harder and improve his physique came from that point forward.

Since starting his fitness journey, Justin has developed into a well-known fitness model and personal trainer who is adored by his followers for his humble demeanor.

“Placings and titles are great, but they are not why I started this game.”

Body Measurements of Justin St. Paul

Full Name: Justin St. Paul
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Personal Trainer
WEIGHT: 215-225lbs (93.0-102.1kg) 
HEIGHT: 6′ (183cm)

Justin St. Paul

“Enjoy what you do, if you don’t enjoy your training or your diet then you’re never going to stick to it.”



  • Miami Pro Universe Champion
  • WBFF Pro Muscle Model

“Train your weaknesses, often people avoid exercises or other things in life that they find difficult, and that’s the exact reason why you should do them to become better at them. Oh and always remember form before ego!”

Biography of Justin St. Paul

Athletic History

Justin, who was born in 1992 and is from Portsmouth, England, has always had a love for sports. He started playing football, rugby, athletics, basketball, and hockey at a young age. Despite having a petite frame, Justin claimed to be an excellent athlete.

Justin St. Paul got unhappy when he joined his first high school football squad because of how malnourished he looked. He started playing for an older football club and always “felt small and weak”.

Justin didn’t understand he needed to gain weight to maintain his competitiveness in his sports until he started college. He received a set of dumbbells from his mother when he was 15 years old, each weighing 5 kg.

I just recall performing shoulder presses and biceps curls.

Justin acknowledged he solely trained his biceps and shoulders, which caused them to be overdeveloped in comparison to the rest of his body. His knowledge of bodybuilding at the time was minimal, so he had to improvise a lot.

Obsession with Fitness

At first, Justin didn’t see much improvement, but when he reached 16, he joined a gym and began working out with pals.

At first, Justin didn’t want to go to the gym alone since he was “very bashful,” but after a few weeks, he was forced to make a choice. His pals had stopped going, but Justin was more determined than ever to keep weightlifting.

Justin claimed that at that point, he decided to confront his reservations and carry on to the gym alone.

Justin’s confidence grew as his physical appearance improved, and soon he was training in the gym three to five times a week instead of continuing his athletic career.

“I would get a few friends to come along, but none of them lasted longer than a few weeks at a time, while I fell in love with the iron,” she said.

Justin mentioned that consistency was the key to his success and that he continued to exercise hard every day.

Miami Pro Achievement

Justin competed in his first fitness contest in 2014, and a year later he was vying for the Miami Pro Universe Champion title.

Justin competed at the show and won first place after a year of intense training; he called the experience of hearing his name spoken “wonderful.”

Justin, who is 23 years old, was named the WBFF Pro Muscle Model in 2016. When asked how living a fit lifestyle improved his life, Justin replied, “Fitness has entirely changed my life.

As I became larger, I received more and more compliments, which boosts my self-confidence. I don’t know where I’ll be in five years, but I do know that it has to involve fitness right now.

Ever since I won the Miami Pro Universe, life has been quite thrilling. I’m appreciative of every minute of the photo shoots, videos, sponsorship, and other support that have been so overwhelming.

Justin continued by saying he is excited to meet all of his followers from around the globe and aims to motivate as many people as he can.

“My rep range varies and shifts every couple of months, but my favorite range is typically anywhere between 10 and 16,” the author said.

Training of Justin St. Paul

Advice for Improved Results

Having a training partner can significantly impact the workout, according to Justin. With a companion who can assist him in lifting high weights and “challenge him mentally,” he enjoys going to the gym.

One of the most crucial aspects of working out in the gym, according to Justin, is consistency. He thinks that this quality alone is essential for fitness success.

Last but not least, Justin stressed the significance of selecting the best workout schedule. According to him, everyone is unique, and by adhering to “current trends of training regimes,” some individuals will achieve fantastic results while others won’t see as much development.

As a result, he suggests that everyone create a personalized training program for themselves.

Justin’s Weightlifting Methodology

Justin St. Paul often works out six days a week and prefers to perform six to seven different exercises per muscle group. He claims that this is much more than what most people do and that it is one of his “secrets” to getting bigger.

Additionally, he emphasized the significance of maintaining high intensity with little rest breaks—no more than 60 seconds—while concentrating on hypertrophy by performing 8–10 repetitions. According to Justin, the key to intensity is ensuring that I fully contract my muscles to rip the muscle fibers.

Justin’s major objective while going to the gym is to try to advance each week when lifting weights. What matters to him is that he advances consistently, whether it be through increasing weight or reps.

Training Routine

  • Monday: Legs – Hamstring dominant
  • Tuesday: Shoulders
  • Wednesday: Arms
  • Thursday: Legs – Quad dominant
  • Friday: Chest
  • Saturday: Back

Draw inspiration from others, whether they are fitness experts, bloggers, or simply the man at the gym who you believe has a good physique. Ask them for help, turn to them for guidance, or just use them as inspiration to become better.

Justin St. Paul

Nutrition of Justin St. Paul

Food Options

Because of his hectic schedule, Justin prefers to prepare his meals ahead of time to maintain his nutrition. However, Justin said he will “take things day by day” and prepare and consume his meals on the same day whenever he has the time.

Since he competes frequently and participates in picture shoots, he tries to maintain a slim physique for the majority of the year.

Justin has to consume healthy foods like lean chicken and turkey breasts, almonds, brown rice, and lots of fruits and vegetables to maintain a low body fat percentage.

When he’s not getting ready for a competition, Justin loves to gradually increase his caloric intake to help his body expand, but he still pays attention to what he eats because he wants to stay as far away from “dirty bulking” as he can.

An important factor in Justin’s ability to prepare in just six weeks is his year-round conditioning, which he attributes in part to his confidence while taking the stage.

Rapid Weight Loss

Justin will do cardio two to three times per week and HIIT once per week when he needs to decrease body fat quickly.

In addition to being much more efficient in preventing muscle loss and burning fat than cardio alone, HIIT is Justin’s personal favorite because it is “least monotonous than just running on a treadmill for days on end.”


  • BCAA – “I find this helps with my recovery, BCAA’s are the building blocks of proteins.”
  • L-Glutamine – “Such an important amino acid, also great for the recovery process.”
  • CLA – “I love CLA because it helped to get me down in body fat right at the end before a contest or shoot.”
  • Whey Isolate – “High in protein, no sugar, low lactose, high in amino acids.”
  • Casein – “A great morning or night supplement when I know it’s going to be hard to consume food. This is slow-releasing protein.“
  • Beet Root Extract – “A great natural alternative to the pre-supplements out there. It gets my NO (nitric oxide) increased and acts as a vasodilator“

Taurine, L-carnitine, creatine, and beta-alanine are additional supplements that Justin occasionally takes.

“Stay humble, far too many people grow arrogant when a few muscles appear.”

Influences and Idols

Steve Cook and Ulisses Jr. are Justin’s two favorite fitness pioneers. He thinks that despite their huge success, they maintained their humility, and that’s absent in the modern fitness scene.

What Justin St. Paul Can Teach Us?

We may learn from Justin’s tale how to be persistent when things are difficult. When in doubt, he would frequently pull back from everything, assess his progress, and then consider the course his life needed to go.

Justin St. Paul also emphasized the significance of having support. He claimed that one of the key factors in his success is the strong support he receives from his friends and family.

Justin taught us to move on from unpleasant situations by learning from them and using them as motivation. Never let a negative experience deter you from following your path to success.

One approach to turning your dreams into reality is by doing that.