TaQoya Branscomb
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  • TaQoya Branscomb, a former strip club dancer, and now a real estate agent sets tongue-wanging when her pregnancy and affair with American record executive and Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles became public knowledge
  • Her affair with him led to the birth of her only daughter Koi Knowles on the 3rd of July 2010
  • Apart from her recent career as a real estate agent, she also runs an online clothing store for female wear known as ‘Cali by Koi’

TaQoya Branscomb was the mother of Beyonce Knowles Carter’s father, Matthew Knowles, and a former strip club dancer and lingerie model who is now a real estate agent.

TaQoya Branscomb is one of the women who has taken Mathew Knowles to court to establish his paternity about Koi Knowles, her daughter.

Koi, her daughter, is a model, an actress, and Solange and Beyonce Knowles’ half-sister. Following the parental dispute in paternity court, she shot to fame. She nevertheless achieved fame as a rising model and actress at the age of 12.

Who is Taqoya Branscomb?

When news of Taqoya’s relationship with Mathew Knowles and the birth of their child, Koi Knowles, began to circulate, she began to attract the public’s attention.

But before that, she was a stripper who consented to have sex with a married man occasionally. She was reportedly arrested as a result of her work on the stripline.

She eventually managed to land a position as a successful real estate agent, according to reports.

Her connection to Mathew Knowles and how she gave birth to Koi Knowles

The relationship between Taqoya and Mathew Knowles, a music industry executive, allegedly began in 2009, around the time Mathew and his wife of about three decades began experiencing problems that would eventually result in their 2011 divorce.

She claimed that things between them were good at first, and she thought Knowles loved her. When he discovered that she was carrying his child, the narrative, however, changed.

She had Koi Knowles on July 3, 2010, but Matt was still missing from the picture. In 2014, she decided to forgo asking the court for help in getting Mr. Knowles to take custody of their daughter.

Taqoya Branscomb has been the target of slurs from the public due to the publicity. Many people thought she was just looking for an opportunity. Additionally, at that time, research into her life revealed that she had a history of prostitution.

Branscomb defended herself by saying that she was not a shrewd businesswoman and was unaware of how the affair with Matthew’s story came to be publicized. She continued by saying that she had entered his life at a difficult time for him.

She Gained Money from her Legal Dispute with Mathew Knowles.

It was claimed that Matt made a $225,000 offer to Branscomb to keep his paternity issues out of court. David D. Farr, the judge, was informed and asked to pay almost $71,000. This was in addition to the allegedly additional $50,000 in costs, including the $1,496 monthly child support payment, Branscomb attorney fees, and health insurance.

She demands more from the senior Knowles than just the monetary settlement. She asserts that she wants them to get along, and if it’s possible, she wants her daughter to get along with her extended family, which includes Beyonce and Solange Knowles.

Allegedly, Solange Knowles was friends with Taqoya Branscomb, who she met in 2008 through a stylist, according to reports. Taqoya is Mathew Knowles’ daughter. The two are said to have been close and to have hung out frequently according to a picture of them that has been making the rounds online.

On the other hand, Solange insisted that Branscomb was not even in the photo and that it was just a random fan photo.

Koi Knowles is not Mathew Knowles’ First Love Child.

A boy named Nixon Alexander Knowles was born on February 4, 2010, to Mathew and Canadian actress Alexsandra Wright, a few months before Koi Knowles.

But Nixon’s case ended up in a paternity court, just like Koi’s did. Because of this, the news of the lovechild went viral. According to reports, Nixon was required to pay child support for $8,200 per month.

According to Tina Knowles, Mathew’s former wife, the couple’s relationship was cited in the divorce papers. Wright publicly expressed her regret for the suffering she caused as a result of the affair to Tina, Beyonce, and Solange.

Koi Knowles and Taqoya Branscomb: Where Are They Now?

Matthew and Taqoya are no longer dating because, in 2013, he wed Gena Charmaine Avery. If Branscomb is involved in another relationship, it is unknown.

She continues to work as a real estate agent and hopes to one day open her own business with a focus on wellness and beauty.

On the other hand, her daughter Koi is developing into a well-known young model and runs a company called “Organically Koi.” The newest Knowles has a channel on YouTube called “Koi Knowles.”

5 Brief Details About Her

  1. She runs an online fashion boutique known as ‘Cali by Koi’ where women’s clothing, ranging from denim jackets, shirts, and mini dresses.
  2. When the story of her pregnancy and affair with Mathew Knowles became public knowledge, she said someone leaked it.
  3. Reports back in the day claimed the real estate agent was once arrested for prostitution and given a six months probation, however, she denied the claims and admitted she did get into trouble but it wasn’t related to prostitution.
  4. Before becoming a real estate agent, Branscomb was a dancer at a well-known strip club at the age of 20 or 21.
  5. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, in the United States.