Kristina Moser
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Who is Kristina Moser?

American bodybuilding enthusiast Kristina Moser has gained enormous popularity for her dependability and passion for heavy lifting.

Short Career of Kristina Moser

Kristina’s journey began in 2011 when she became aware that her weight and health had spiraled out of control.

Kristina’s body drastically altered within a year, changing from being chubby and unmotivated to lean and energetic.

Kristina Moser wasn’t content with her “cardio” body, either. She desired to bulk up. She then began doing additional research on training and diet. By 2016, Kristina had achieved her ideal shape thanks to her perseverance and hard effort.

The following is Kristina’s narrative of change:

Kristina Moser

Body Measurements of Kristina Moser

Full Name: Kristina Moser
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder
ERA: 2010

“I implore women and men to not give up when they feel that progress isn’t being made right immediately. Muscle development requires time. particularly if you’re going about it naturally.

I believe that many allegations are made by those who have never tried or been steadfast.

My weight decreased from over 160 pounds to 115 lbs for my cardio body in 2012. I now weigh between 125 and 130 pounds.

It comes down to perseverance, self-study, and persistence. And I’m certain that someone will say, “You looked better before.” Well, like, that’s just your opinion man, ” says the Dude.

Moment Of Transformation For Kristina Moser

Kristina’s life had experienced many highs and lows, including her unhealthy way of living until she realized she needed to make a full shift. She then began learning more about nutrition and bodybuilding.

Kristina went forward with her life in a positive way by setting objectives for herself and doing things one step at a time. Kristina attributes everything to one quality: constancy.

The following is a statement made by Kristina regarding the time she recognized she needed to change;

“I forced myself to look at how I had let myself go that year by looking into the camera. My body stopped working. I consumed pizza rolls, coke, and mac n cheese virtually daily.

A few remarks and the fact that I was in a poor wedding photo made me realize that I needed to make a change.

I started on my own, using only cardio and calisthenics, and I went from weighing over 160 pounds to 115 pounds and back.

I began tracking my meals on MFP while sitting between 125 and 130. I established my goals after seeing photos of Dana Linn Baily and Andrea Brazier.

“People frequently inquire about my motivational strategies. It’s easy. I wanted to change after being overweight and lethargic. Either you take action or you don’t.

Nobody will hold your hand along the way if you wish to change something. Don’t count on your family, friends, or your gym partner to encourage you. Do your homework, have a game plan, and start achieving your objectives.


Metal Therapy

Kristina Moser has mastered the art of effectively gaining muscle throughout her years of training. The only way to gain muscle, according to Kristina, is by utilizing big weights rather than “low weights.”

Compound exercises like the deadlift, bench press, squat, overhead push press, and bent-over row are some of her favorites.

While Kristina admits she likes compound workouts, she credits isolation exercises where she alternates between heavy and lightweight for building the majority of her muscle.

Here is Kristina discussing how she utilizes weightlifting as therapy for both her physical and mental health;

“The goal isn’t to gain muscle. It’s not the arrogant selfies in the locker room. It’s not the setting of the gym. Just iron therapy.

When the only power you own in your life—despite all the problems and distractions in the world—is the power over your body and how you choose to treat it, you struggle.

You fall, then get back up. And you’ll stumble. After that, it’s entirely up to you!

Regularity In Training

Kristina Moser

When asked how she got such a terrific body, Kristina usually says she just kept at it. She began her workouts with aerobics and calisthenics before progressing to heavier weights.

Kristina has achieved her perfect body after much trial and error and perseverance. Kristina discusses her change in the following way:

“I am frequently questioned by strangers about how long I have been exercising. Well, routinely, five days a week, since 2012. I initially relied solely on cardio and calisthenics to help me lose weight, along with calorie counting.

Since then, a lot has changed, and I now favor bodybuilding, split weight training, and 20 minutes of cardio rather than an hour. better food consumption helps me to omit calorie counting.

My muscle did not suddenly appear. Expect neither yours nor theirs too.


Healthy Decisions

Kristina learned a lot of what she knows about nutrition on her own.

She spent years experimenting with various dieting strategies and calorie tracking, but she now favors eating a balanced meal with protein every two to three hours and completing foods wherever possible.

Here is Kristina discussing her road to health through dieting:

I had no idea how to get there, but I slowly learned. studied exercises, workout splits, and fundamental supplements like protein, bcaa, exercises, and the like.

Nutrition has always been difficult for me, but today I strive to combine a high protein diet (at least 20g every two to three hours), focus on slow-burning carbs, choose healthy fats, and reduce sugar without fully giving up my favorite pizza.

Influences And Idols

When she first began her “iron journey,” Kristina cited Andrea Brazier and Dana Linn Baily as her primary influences. Since the start of her change, she has also developed into a source of inspiration for others, driven year after year by her advancement.

For men and women throughout the world who use weightlifting as a way to improve not just their bodies but also their lives, Kristina Moser has emerged as a fitness star.

What Kristina Moser Teaches Us?

We can learn from Kristina Moser that it can take months or even years of hard work and determination to develop your ideal physique.

Kristina has demonstrated that, with the correct attitude and perseverance, most objectives can be accomplished.

The following is Kristina’s counsel for those looking to make any changes in their lives:

“You have control over your body and your life. It’s simple to feel powerless when life throws us a genetically unfair hand, and this happens occasionally. However, you do have a choice. (In most circumstances)

YOU decide what to eat WHEN to exercise, WHAT TO MAKE A PRIORITY WHEN TO SPEND ON THE COUCH OR IN THE GYM WHEN TO SCROLL THROUGH FACEBOOK OR STUDY BASICS OF NUTRITION AND HEALTH WHEN TO STAY STEADY OR MAKE CHANGES. no other person. Nobody ought to be required to hold your hand. You have the key to your happiness and health. Kristi Moser