Laura Giaritta
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Celebrity divorce is now commonplace, and Laura Giaritta is one of those divorcing celebrities. In 1997, she wed the American rapper Vanilla Ice. Unfortunately, the couple separated after more than 20 years of marriage.

Laura Giaritta has established her reputation as a businesswoman despite initially becoming well-known for her marriage to the famous rapper. Since their divorce, she has become a successful business owner of 2 The Xtreme, a sporting products store.

In addition, Laura is a parent to two girls. How would you describe her relationship with her kids? Here is all the information on Laura you were looking for.

Early Years & Family History of Laura Giaritta

As of 2022, Laura Giaritta, also known as Laura Van Winkle, will be 50 years old. She was born in the United States on October 18, 1970. Giaritta is a Caucasian American and a Taurus by birth sign.

Thomas Giaritta, her father, and Elaine Giaritta raised her in a Christian home. Although she hasn’t said much about her father, she has a wonderful relationship with her mother and frequently posts pictures of the two of them online.

Additionally, Laura has a sister named Renee who is older than her. The siblings are quite close.

The Career of Laura Giaritta

Giaritta’s path to success as a businesswoman did not begin the way it typically does for most of us. According to the claims, she began by helping her ex-boyfriend Vanilla at his 2 The Xtreme sports goods shop in Miami Beach.

They soon fell in love, and the sports store turned into a joint venture. She did, however, obtain it entirely in a divorce settlement following her breakup with Ice.

She has been successfully managing the company as well as several other side investments as of 2022.

Laura Giaritta
Laura Giaritta (Pinterest)

She Had a Husband Named Vanilla Ice

As we already mentioned, Laura Giaritta and Vanilla Ice, real name Robert Matthew Van Winkle, had a happy 20 years of marriage. On March 30, 1997, they exchanged vows at the Star Island estate in Miami Beach.

Two days after obtaining their marriage license, they had their wedding ceremony.

Well, they didn’t decide to be married right away. Before they got married, Laura and Ice essentially dated for years.

On July 4th, 1994, the two initially ran into each other at a gathering. Ice was still a rookie at the time and was working very hard to establish his name in the business.

Vanilla and Laura’s Marriage Wasn’t Very Stable

Although Laura and her husband had a good beginning to their marriage, there was a long period of unhappiness. Soon after their wedding, the two experienced several disagreements in their relationship.

Ice was detained and charged with abusing Laura in January 2001. According to the police reports, Ice tugged Laura’s hair when they were driving their automobile on Interstate 595 after a heated argument.

While Laura said that Ice was merely attempting to keep her from flying out of the truck’s window. He was ultimately found guilty of disorderly conduct and given a probationary period.

Later, on April 10, 2008, when he reportedly kicked his wife, he was once more detained on similar allegations. The next day, after an eyewitness confirmed that they had only argued and that Ice had only shoved her, he was freed. On April 29, 2008, the charges were withdrawn.

Laura Giaritta
Laura Giaritta (Pinterest)

In 2016, They Filed for Divorce

Laura filed for divorce from her spouse in Palm Beach County, Florida, in 2016 as a result of all the misunderstandings and disagreements in their marriage. Laura said in her divorce papers that her marriage was “irretrievably ruined.”

Although they lived apart, their divorce wasn’t formalized until November of 2019. She even announced her divorce on Twitter, I suppose.

Since both of their children are adults, the former couple didn’t have to deal with child custody concerns.

Two Daughters Are Born To Laura Giaritta

50 years of age With her former husband, Laura is the mother of two daughters. Dusti Rain Van Winkle, their first child, was born in 1998, and KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle, their second child, was born in 2000.

Regarding Dusti’s education, Full Sail University awarded her a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business. KeeLee’s academic background is not very well described.

She and both of her daughters get along well, and they both enjoy some celebrity-kid popularity. Keely resides in Wellington, Florida, whereas Dusti is a resident of West Palm Beach. Both of them are involved romantically.

Giaritta Net Worth

As a businessman, Laura undoubtedly makes a respectable living, and her net worth is million dollars. She also has a good alimony payment from the divorce deal with her ex-husband.

She receives alimony for $10,500 per month, according to reports. She also obtained about $110,000 in damages for everything that Ice neglected to pay during the process. She also earned $200,000 to cover all of the litigation costs.

On Social Media

It is unusual for a celebrity to not be active on social media, but Giaritta doesn’t seem to be a big lover of it. She just uses Twitter as her social media channel.

She tweets under the handle Laura VanWinkle and as of 2022 only had about 980 followers. She is highly active on Twitter and frequently shares details about her life.